Professional email: 5 reasons to use it

With the growth of entrepreneurship in Brazil, many people are adopting professional e-mails to facilitate their work routine. Do you know what a professional email is?

Professional email:

A professional email is a personalized account in which you will be able to enter your name (or your company) right after the “@”.

For example: if the e-mail account used by you to communicate with customers was “[email protected]”, with a professional e-mail service it will become “[email protected]”. Not cool?

personal email hosting

Many people end up not looking for this type of service because they think it is expensive, but it costs very little. Having a professional email is inexpensive and brings an interesting cost-benefit for those who use it

Why custom a professional email?

Let’s say you are in your personal email hosting account organizing some tasks requested by your customers. At a certain moment, during all that professional content, you will also find an email inviting your whole family to a birthday party on the weekend. And here’s the dilemma: should professional and personal emails are in the same place

Well, the situation described above is just one of many that a professional email can help you solve. Have you thought about the different reasons that exist to use a professional email? If the answer is no, check out the content below prepared by the ISBrasil team, where we show you 5 reasons why you should use it. Come on!

1 – Credibility

The first and most obvious advantage of those who use professional best email hosting is credibility

Now, when customers receive their e-mails, they will see your company name entered at that address. Put yourself in their shoes… You have probably always given, even if unconsciously, more credibility to those who use professional email

Having your brand name after the “@” means overcoming the informal and reaching another level about the communication made between you and the customers. Think about it!

2 – Productivity

With increasingly busy days, entrepreneurs need to find more and more time on the agenda to complete all the day’s tasks. Professional cheapest email hosting can also help in this regard.

As in the situation described at the beginning of the text, there are many occasions when personal and professional life ends up colliding with each other throughout the day. Therefore, when creating a professional email account, the tendency is that you use this channel only to do business.

Who has never opened the e-mail to work and ended up wasting precious minutes responding to personal e-mails? Separating things is essential for the entrepreneur to understand once and for all, that personal and professional lives need to be faced at different times of the day.

What’s more, if you are in the habit of opening your email during the night, it can be very uncomfortable to find customer orders or even complaints there… In the end, you end up neither working nor resting completely.

3 – Reduce distractions

A professional e-mail service also reduces the distractions of everyday life.

For example:

Let’s say you do a lot of shopping online. On all the websites that you enter, discount coupons and special promotions are offered to those who fill out a form with their mail365 email.

This is a strategy for brands to find your email address and gain their authorization to communicate with you through that channel. It is often inconvenient, but it is a way to access discounts or be notified when a certain product will be available.

The same logic occurs with newsletters on the internet. You like the content on a website and then end up subscribing to that newsletter to stay on top of all the texts posted there. However, in the middle of the day, a time when you should be focused on your professional tasks, a new text arrives with an interesting title in your email. That’s all you needed to put work aside and procrastinate a little.

By hiring a professional e-mail service, you leave all these abstractions reserved for your account.

But it is important that you remember to never make the next registrations and purchases in your professional email account. That way, your distractions decrease, the organization appears and productivity goes up!

4 – Choose good names

With the huge number of users who use services such as “Gmail”, “Yahoo” and “Hotmail”, it becomes increasingly difficult to find names available when making a new registration on these sites.

The problem is that by choosing a name that is too complicated or too big, you increase your chances of the customer making a mistake when typing it. For example:

You would like to create an account with the name “[email protected]”.

However, chances are that this account is already being used by another user. In the end, you will need to do something like “[email protected]”. In addition to being aesthetically bad, strokes, symbols and very long names can confuse your interlocutor

5 – Unlimited number of addresses

Are you looking for a standardized email for your entire team? So here’s another reason why you need a professional email service!

With it, you will get an unlimited amount of personalized cheap email hosting. For example:

[email protected]

RH @

Financial @

There is no denying that it is much more organization and credibility for your company!