Processed Mango Product Market to be worth US$ 31,669.0 Mn by 2026

Processed Mango Product Market   – Snapshot

The variety of processed mango products is endless, and variations exist from country to country and region to region. The processing technique of processed mango products is of two types i.e., primary level and secondary level.

Primary processed mango products are produced from fresh mature mango having a certain texture, sensory parameter, and standard nutritional properties, whereas secondary processed mango products are processed from primary processed mango by adding value to the product and blending it with other ingredients to gain texture and nutritional properties as per norms of regulatory bodies. Mango products across the world are anticipated to drive the growth of the processed mango product market during the forecast period due to growing preference for natural taste. The global processed mango product market for primary processed mango products and secondary processed mango products is estimated to reach a value of US$ 2043.1 Mn and US$ 31,669 Mn respectively by 2026.

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Increasing consumption of mango products all over the globe is driving the growth in export of mango products. Mangoes are commercialized worldwide by manufacturing various types of processed products. It can be processed into a wide range of products like baked products, juices, jellies, ice creams, yoghurts, and other energy drinks. Additionally, preference for natural fruit products has seen an upward trend owing to high nutritional value in the processed mango products.

Fluctuations in prices creates havoc among mango cultivators. Whenever there is a reduction in price, cultivators prefer not to supply mangoes for processing, which is the main restraint of the processed mango product market. Additionally, unavailability of mangoes for processing in a particular season is a major restraining factor for the growth of the processed mango products market. Furthermore, the market is also expected to experience some hindrance in terms of stringent regulations.

Usage of ultra-high density planting technology to cultivate more mango trees can be an opportunity for cultivators to improve the mango production process. This may meet the demand from the U.S., GCC, and European countries which are dependent on exporters.

As consumers are becoming familiar with mangoes, they are increasingly demanding mangoes that are easily available. Preference for specific mango varieties such as Alphonso, Apple mango, Totapuri, Dasheri, Kevian, Peach, Tommy Atkins, Boribo, Irwin, Terpentine, Haden, Kent, Sabine, Sensation, and Van Dyke for processing is on the rise. Similarly, preference for mango pulp and puree for further processing is gaining popularity in the food & beverages sector. Mango pulp and puree is widely used in bakery products, flavored milk, ice-cream, yoghurts, desserts, jam, jellies, and juices. Additionally, consumers are preferring organic mango products such as organic juice, dried mango, purees, and other mango based products due to rise in awareness about chemical free natural products for health reasons.

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The global processed mango product market has been segmented by product type, distribution channel, and geography. Based on product type, the market is segregated into primary processed mango product market and secondary processed mango product market. Primary processed mango product market has been further sub-divided into dried/dehydrated mango product, mango puree, mango pulp, mango concentrate, and IQF slices & dices. Secondary processed mango product market has been sub-divided into fruit bar & candies, mango juice, pickles, and others (which includes mango based products such as squash, jam, jellies, and nectar).

Global players are focusing more on product innovation and collaboration to expand their business. Major players who are active in the processed mango product market are Agrana Group, Allanasons Private Limited, Del Monte Foods, Inc., Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Vadilal Industries Ltd., Capricorn Food Products India Ltd., Keventer Agro Ltd., Freshtrop Fruits Limited, Superior Foods, Inc., Dohler GmbH, 7D Mangoes, Sunrise Naturals Private Limited, Valleyfresh Pty. Ltd., The Proeza Group, Varadharaja Foods Private Limited, ABC Fruits, Manbulloo Limited, Galla Foods, and Foods & Inns Limited.

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