Potential Impact of COVID-19 on Multifunction Meter Market

Multifunction Meter Introduction

  • Multifunction meters are a hand-held device specially designed to monitor electrical installations. A multifunction meter measures and monitors all the electrical parameters such as active power, power factor, voltage, current, apparent power, reactive power, phase angle, and active energy.
  • Multifunction meters are mainly used where reliable, accurate, and exact measurements are required.
  • A multifunctional meter is used in the industrial sector for control panels, motor control centers, power distribution panels, etc.
  • Multifunction meters are mainly of two types: three-phase multifunction meters and one-phase multifunction meters.
  • The global multifunction meter market is anticipated to expand at a rapid pace over the forecast period due to their increased demand from the industrial sector.
multifunction meter market

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Multifunction Meter Dynamics

Key Drivers of the Multifunction Meter Market

  • A rise in demand to reduce energy cost across the globe is expected to create demand for multifunction meters in the upcoming years. This is primarily because multifunction meters reduce energy cost by continuously tracking and monitoring energy consumption. Additionally, it also takes the backup of other integrated parameters.
  • Multifunction meters easily recognize the basic faults in the electrical system and also provides high degree of accuracy in calculation. This is anticipated to drive the multifunction meter market in the near future.
  • Multifunction meters are also used in troubleshooting a wide range of electrical problems in wiring systems, electronic equipment used in industry, motor controls, domestic appliances, and power supplies, which is estimated to boost the market.
  • Rising demand to monitor power consumption on a daily basis and reduce it accordingly is estimated to drive the multifunction meter market.