Automotive Jacks: Introduction

  • An automotive jack is a mechanical device mainly used to lift heavy loads by applying less force. It is used to adjust, lift, and position the automotive in diverse situations. Automotive jacks are also used to lift a truck or any other vehicle for changing its tires.
  • Automotive jacks are of six types: floor jacks, scissor jacks, hydraulic bottle jacks, hi-lift jacks, high tonnage jacks, and forklift jacks. Automotive jacks offer certain advantages over mechanical jacks. They are easier to use and occupy less space and are effective for use with heavy loads.
  • The global automotive jacks market is projected to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast period, due to their increased demand in the automotive industry.
automotive jacks market

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Global Automotive Jacks Market: Dynamics

Global Automotive Jacks Market: Key Drivers and Restraints

  • Transportation is an integral part of today’s era of industrialization where maintenance of transport vehicles is essential for their effective functioning. Automotive jacks are used in maintenance activities for lifting the vehicle at a particular height. This is expected to boost the demand for automotive jacks in heavy industries during the forecast period.
  • Automotive jacks are used for all types of heavy vehicles such as forklifts, and excavators. This in turn is anticipated to fuel the demand for automotive jacks in heavy industries during the forecast period.
  • Rise in disposable income of consumers and growth of the automotive sector are major factors projected to boost the global automotive market in the next few years.
  • Increasing automotive maintenance activities is anticipated to increase the demand for automotive jacks.
  • Rising automation in the automotive industry plays an important role in boosting the global automotive jacks market. Automotive jacks lift loads with minimum effort. This is a major factor anticipated to fuel the global market in the next few years.
  • Rising demand for automotive jacks from construction vehicles which are used in the construction industry is expected to propel the global automotive jacks market during the forecast period