Plus500: Scam or Reliable

A revolutionary platform for beginner and expert traders to trade in contracts for difference CFDs, trading opportunities on shares, assets, cryptocurrencies, and much more. With the main office in London, the platform is fully certified and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Hence it is a reliable platform that is speedily progressing to offer its consumers CFDs all over Europe and Asia.

Why choose Plus500?

Easy usage

Since plus500 provides only CFDs and forex trading, hence the platform s more comfortable to use and can be adapted for beginners easily.

Low fee

Reviews and research prove that Plus500 charges a lower fee than other broker platforms. The fee structure is shown in trading portfolios, and no commissions are included. 

Wide range of currencies 

Consumers have access to a great variety of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cas, ABC, and Ripple XRP.

Plus500 account

The process is as easy as it could be. The account can be made using the online website or the mobile application. The process is entirely digital and is as quick as signing in for a new mail account. Most people can open an account using this platform; however, it has certain exceptions; countries like Cuba, Iran, Syria, and Pakistan cannot use it. 

There aren’t any account types at Plus500; however, other brokerage platforms have different account types. In a way, this makes it easier for beginners to understand the trading world. Account verification requires your credentials like ID, passport, etc. to ensure your account’s safety. 

Deposit and withdrawal  charges

Plus500 is a reasonable brokerage firm and doesn’t charge consumers for depositing at all. Consumers can use debit or credit cards to store credit in their Plus500 wallets. However, only the first five withdrawals per month are free. Plus500 ensures safety; hence only account in your name can be used to transfer currencies into your wallet.

Trading platform 

The infamous CFD brokerage platform can be accessed by web and mobile applications. The platform has a friendly interface and can easily be used by beginners and experts, regardless of the means they are using to access it. The website can be translated into multiple languages, including Dutch, Danish, Malay, Spanish, Maltese, Swedish, French, German, Hebrew, and many others.

The web design is nifty and serves the trading tools with absolute clarity, which aids the users’ experience. Like other brokerage sites, it also allows consumers to search for the products that they are interested in.

Portfolio transparency

This is one of the major plus points of the platform that it provides a transparent portfolio that contains all fee reports. Each and everything is mentioned for the users to keep track of their activities and investments.

Market and Product

It provides a wide variety of CFDs more than other brokerage firms but has a relatively smaller crypto market

Conversion fee

Before depositing credit in your e-wallet, make sure you have your desired base currency because Pus500 charges conversion fee. To avoid paying the conversion fee, consumers and pro traders utilize a multi-currency online bank like Revolut and Transferwiseetc. Using a digital way of transferring credit is quicker, other means take days.

Do you want to know more about the Plus500 trading platform? Than read this manual or study our Plus500 review to discover if investing with Plus500 is for you!