Please Your Mother With Unique Cake Flavours, This Mother’s Day

If happiness would have another synonym; undoubtedly, it would be a piece of cake. A bite of fresh cream cake tickles our taste buds with sheer joy and ecstasy. If a bite can make a person cheerful; undeniably a whole box of cake can transport a person into the world of euphoria.


That’s the prime reason that millions swear by cakes when it comes to delighting people across celebratory occasions. This Mother’s Day, make her experience heavenly happiness by exciting her taste buds and soul with a freshly baked Mothers Day cake in exotic flavours.


The classic vanilla, the uber sweet strawberry, and the dark chocolate cake will always be dear to everyone’s heart. But, the unique cake flavours are worth a try. They are different from the regular ones yet highly pleasing to taste.


1 Coffee Cake: Life is wonderful, after coffee! Indeed. The nutty, smoky, flowery aroma of coffee beans and bitter-sweet, salty-sour, and mildly acidic flavour notes of coffee is something that makes it an indispensable part of our lives. Espresso your feelings to your mom on Mother’s Day by treating her with a coffee cake. A cake that perfectly balances the sweetness of cream and exoticness of coffee.


2 Blueberry Cake: Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, which means it’s time for sweet-tangy berries. After all, summers are all about fruity berries and beautiful flowers. A blueberry cake with chunks of berries in layers and topped with blueberry syrup promises a squirt of freshness and deliciousness as your mother takes a single bite of a cake.


3 Coconut Cake: Moist, fresh, sweet, and creamy are the best words that define a coconut cake. For a mother who is a lover of everything white and perfect, a coconut cake is idyllic for her. Baked with flavourful coconut milk and fresh shredded coconut, the cake is soft as silk in touch and irresistible like vanilla in taste.


4 Hazelnut Cake: As much as we would like to believe that everyone loves to relish dark chocolate cake, exceptions prove our belief into a fallacy. Just like your mother did. Some crave for cakes that are toasted, nutty, and earthy in flavours like hazelnut cake. So, hazelnut Mothers Day cake should be her gift this Mother’s Day if you want to see her singing and dancing in happiness all day long.


5 Caramel Cake: If your mother is more of a salty-sweet person, caramel flavoured cake is something she should try. Cake layers smeared with caramel mousse frosting and the cake topped with sweet-salty caramel sauce, the delightful flavour will be her new favourite in no time.


6 Lemon Poppy Seed Cake: A bit of tanginess never hurts!  A tender layered cake frosted with sweet-tangy lemon icing and glazed with lemon juice, lemon zest, and poppy seeds– lemon poppy seed cake will add a pinch of madness into the life of your sweet mother.


7 Ginger Spice: Her love for spice is as old as her age. Therefore, a ginger spice cake and she is like made for each other. A cake with a perfect balance of sweetness and savouriness with a hint of ginger is sure to tantalize her taste buds.


Bid adieu to conventional cake flavours because unconventional flavours are here to rule your mother’s heart and soul.