Playout Solutions Market 2024 Trends, Competitive Landscape and Segmentation by 2025

Numerous technological advancements fostering market growth, coupled with disparity in broadcasting regulations in various regions is what the playout solutions landscape is expected to experience during the forecast period. The dynamics of the playout solutions market, as found by a recent report published by Transparency Market Research (TMR), suggest that, the influx of revenue will continue to increase, as the demand for smart-sizing conventional playout systems prevails.

The need to integrate multiple units performing designated functionalities into a single software application so as to achieve simplification in the otherwise labyrinth installation and maintenance processes is likely to disrupt end-use industries regarding the adoption of playout solutions. Market players are observed partnering with broadcasters to secure long-term growth opportunities in the highly competitive sphere. All-in-all, market players can look at an above-average growth pace of the playout solutions market, with an anticipated CAGR of ~8% during 2019-2027.

playout solutions market infographic

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Deployment of Cloud-based Playout Solutions to Increase at an Unprecedented Rate

Since data security is paramount, broadcasters, telcos, and cable operators are seen scrambling towards cloud-based playout solutions, away from the on-premise ones. Besides security, even scalability, flexibility, and agility are the key drivers alluring end users towards cloud-based solutions.

That being said, on-premise solutions can ensure profitability to large enterprises, while cloud-based solutions serve small- and mid-sized enterprises with their ‘pay as you grow’ revenue model. Given the large number of benefits offered by cloud-based solutions over on-premise solutions, the former are projected to witness adoption at a CAGR of ~14% during the forecast period, while legacy enterprises will continue to rely on the latter.

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As end users continue to look for ways to achieve marginal growth, playout solutions remain coveted to optimize resources by controlling overhead costs. Among others, broadcasters – including international and national ones – make leading end users of the playout solutions market, with a projected overall share of ~53% in 2019. The rising importance of digital media as an effective advertising platform is likely to drive the adoption of playout solutions from the broadcaster user base. However, irregularities in regulations in different regions could cause a roadblock to the otherwise steady stride of the market.

Key Opportunities to Reap and Grow in the Playout Solutions Market

Two opportunities lay open in the playout solutions market for stakeholders.

Since automation holds the key to a successful future in any industry, the advent of 5G technology will serve as a propeller to automation. Currently, broadcasters and content providers leverage the proficiency of AR, VR, and AI technology to understand user behavior and to offer personalized content. These technologies are likely to bring value to user engagement, and be paramount to the digital advertisement industry. Since the rendering of digital content will highly rely on the speed of Internet connections, the introduction of 5G technology will remain integral for the adoption of playout solutions to broadcast digital content.

Another lucrative opportunity can also be derived from user engagement to the content distribution platform. With growing media consumption, content management companies seek better systems with enhanced storage capacities, which offers an opportunity to playout solution providers to offer storage space for efficient broadcast to content distribution companies.

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