Pizza Box Market 2023 by Industry Analysis, Growth Opportunity, Future and Forecast to 2027

Global Pizza Box: Overview

Growing customer inclination towards home delivery & takeaways (HDTA) across the globe is expected to fuel the growth in the pizza box market. The global pizza box market was valued at US$2,223.0 mn in 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% over the forecast period. The global pizza box market is characterized by rising in consumer demand for pizza delivery, cost of manufacturing of corrugated pizza boxes, and the advancement in the manufacturing designs. The global market is observed to generate revenues primarily driven by growing number of pizza restaurants, pizza chain outlets, or simply pizza takeaway points. Growing pizza industry and the modern trend of ordering pizzas online has propelled the global pizza box market.  The market volume for global pizza box is expected to expand 1.5X during the forecast period 2017-2025.

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global pizza box market

Large Size Pizza Boxes to Dominate Global Market

An ideal pizza box is likely to be thermally insulated, highly moisture resistant, easily stackable, and cheap to regulate internal humidity thus generating conditions suitable for pizza delivery. The pizza box/package is usually a folding box made of cardboard, used for storage of hot pizzas for takeaway/home delivery. Pizza boxes also have a thin coating of aluminium to prevent oils in the pizza to interact with cellulose substance of the packaging. Pizza boxes have to withstand high temperatures and maintain the freshly baked pizza at a temperature of 50 to 70 degree Celsius for consumption.

Moreover, these boxes also provides enough space for brand promotion as well as advertising. Pizza boxes makes home delivery and takeaway remarkably easier and have further emerged as an effective packaging solution for the pizza industry delivering value to pizza manufacturers and consumers.

On the basis of box type, the global pizza box market is segmented into whole pizza boxes and pizza slice boxes wherein the whole pizza boxes are further segmented into 5-10 inch (Small box), 10-15 inch (Medium box), 15 inch & above (Large box). The 10-15 inch medium size box is the leading whole pizza box sub-segment with market share of around half of the global market, while pizza slice boxes turn to be the fastest growing segment.

Clay Coated Cardboard Boxes Preferred by Pizza Shops due their Smoothness

On the basis of material used for manufacturing pizza boxes, the market is segmented into corrugated paperboard and clay coated cardboard material segments. The clay coated cardboard for pizza boxes is generally preferred by premium pizza chains consisting of smooth surface which supports easy printability. Since the key players of pizza packaging market has hardened the survival for the emerging regional players, the demand of clay coated cardboard pizza box is restricted.

The global pizza box market is segmented geographically into 7 key regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). North America as well as the European countries are expected to dominate the global pizza box market, by the end of forecast period, in terms of both value and volume. The North America pizza box market is estimated to surge at a CAGR of 3.6% during the forecast period. This growth will be attributable to the increasing consumption of pizza in the region, growing disposable income, magnifying trend of eating fast food, and mushrooming pizza delivery outlets.

Some of the players operating in the global pizza box market include Smurfit Kappa Group PLC., DS Smith Plc., WestRock Company, International Paper Company, Mondi Group, Huhtamaki Oyj, Georgia-Pacific LLC., New Method Packaging, Pratt Industries Inc., Reynolds Group Holdings Ltd. KapStone Paper and Packaging Corp., Rengo Co., Ltd., BillerudKorsnäs AB, Magnum Packaging, R. S. G. Packagings Private Limited.

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Pizza Box Manufacturers Look for Innovative Ways to Spur Brand-Consumer Interaction

Pizza brands have made boxes as a key touchpoint for consumer interaction in the rapidly growing online food delivery markets. Pizza forms a sizable share of all online food ordering and takeaways in the food industry. Over the years, the number of food delivery partners has also swelled in several developing economies of the world. This has benefitted home delivery restaurants in urban and semi-urban parts of various countries around the world. As a result, packaging companies have put recurrent focus on bringing new product designs in the pizza box market to meet the consumer dynamic. Pizza boxes are commonly made using corrugated paperboard. There has been intense efforts to come out with eye-catching graphics and brand designs to customize pizza boxes. Further, the contents that adorn the surface of the pizza boxes are also a key part of brand positioning strategy of pizza brands in an effort to forge a unique relationship with the target consumers. These have led pizza and packaging brands try out new advertising approaches in the pizza box market. New types of packaging materials that are environmentally friendly have also come to the fore. An example is the pizza box made of virgin kraft paper, which may add a premium feel to the target consumer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced industries to realign their strategies over the last few months to make their business models resilient to macroeconomic shocks. The economic repercussions of the health pandemic was wide, with restriction orders also taking a toll on online food delivery businesses around the world. However, pizza ordering was one of the services that rebounded earlier than expected, and restaurants had been increasing their pace of activities to meet voluminous online orders for pizzas. All these shaped the pizza box market in the recent months. New branding opportunities by food packaging companies will tap into new customization trends in the market in next few months.