Pinch Bottom Bags Market | Latest Trends to Boost Industry Growth by 2025

 Global pinch bottom bags market: Overview

Pinch bottom bags are paper bags that are used to carry medium to large sized objects, which can be closed post-filling by the customer, either by sewing or pasting. Pinch bottom bags are customizable and have been made available in the market in many varieties with options for customization. There have been many changes in the consumer and supplier mindset regarding preference for certain products and the type of packaging used. The general trend is to prefer packaging solutions that have a neat visual appeal, are easy to handle, economical, customizable, and provide extended shelf life to the products. The preference for pinch bottom bags is set to increase over the forecast period. Pinch bottom bags are also considered hygienic and easy to manufacture. In addition, the option for customization allows suppliers to leverage the products to increase brand awareness. Pinch bottom bags are used to carry various agricultural products, fertilizers, agrochemical products, and the likes. The global pinch bottom bags market has a lot of scope for growth, but not without stiff competition from alternate plastic and paper packaging solutions, which have applications in the same industry verticals.

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Global pinch bottom bags market: Market Dynamics

The global packaging market has undergone substantial change in the past few decades, with new packaging solutions being launched every year. This has resulted in the need for absolute customization. Also, suppliers were quick to capitalize on the benefits of digital printing on their product packages for brand advertising. Therefore, being printable, pinch bottom bags rank among the packaging solutions preferred by suppliers for their products. Some of the characteristics that are expected to act as drivers for the global pinch bottom bags market are – 

Highly efficient sealing properties – One of the major concerns for suppliers is protection of products inside from atmospheric agents. Pinch bottom bags have an excellent sealing property which eliminates the chances of any contact with such agents.

Excellent palletisation – Pinch bottom bags have a firm base that enables them to be stacked as a stable pallet.

Customizability – Pinch bottom bags are printable and are offered in the market in various forms ranging from being printable in 4 colors to up to 6 and more.

There are more features that increase their appeal, such as shape and barrier properties, efficient closure features and such.

Despite the features mentioned above, there are certain factors that might act as hindrance to growth of the global pinch bottom bags market, such as the type of paper being used to manufacture these bags. Chlorine-bleached white paper products are known to have adverse effects on the environment. Also, alternate packaging solutions, both – plastic bags, and paper bags such as pasted open mouth bags, self-opening square bottom bags etc. are also preferred by suppliers, owing to similar characteristics as pinch bottom bags.

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Global pinch bottom bags market: Segmentation

The global pinch bottom bags market has been segmented on the basis of varieties available in the market, as follows –

On the basis of paper type:

  • Bleached
  • Unbleached

On the basis of number of plies: 

  • 1 – 2 plies
  • 3-4 plies
  • 5 plies and above

 On the basis of Product Type:

  • With/without integrated tear-open strip
  • With/without sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label
  • With/without handle
  • Stepped mouth with hot met applied
  • Others

On the basis of type of barriers applied:

  • Greaseproof paper
  • Laminated/free films between paper plies
  • Coated material
  • Others

On the basis of application:

  • Dry Food Packaging
  • Catering Packaging
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Petrochemical Packaging
  • Retail Packaging
  • Chemical Packaging
  • Building Materials Packaging
  • Others

Global pinch bottom bags market: Regional Outlook

The global pinch bottom bags market has been divided into seven regions –

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)
  • Japan, and
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA)

The global pinch bottom bags market is poised to grow over the forecast period, with a moderate CAGR for the Western Europe, Eastern Europe and North America markets. Pinch bottom bags are expected to show a steady CAGR in the APEJ market, against the backdrop of growth in the agricultural sector, and industries such as the construction, and food industry.

Global pinch bottom bags market: Key Players

Few of the key players operating in the global pinch bottom bags market are – ENDPAK PACKAGING INC., El Dorado Packaging, Inc., The Unger Co., Mondi Plc., Trombini Embalagens S.A., Napco National Paper Products Co., and UNITED BAGS, INC.