PI Ceramic provides a wide range of piezoeceramic material which is based on the improved lead zirconatetitanates and barium titanates. The designation of the soft type and hard type piezo ceramic refers to the agility of dipoles and hence it also defines the polarization and depolarization behavior. For different actuator application, ferroelectrically with soft piezoceramics having low polarity reversal field strength is being used. Ferroelectrically hard materials are being primarily used in the high-power acoustic application. In addition, PI Ceramic also offers lead-free piezo ceramic which is currently being used especially as the ultrasonic transducers, and the crystalline actuator material.

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For the purpose of doing in depth analysis, the piezoceramics device market has been segmented on the basis of alignment, wrapping type, product type, end user and by geography. Based on the alignment the market has been segmented mainly into two types; they are like vertical segments and horizontally segmented tubes. By wrapping piezoceramics device market has been segmented mainly into three types they are like square tab, full wrap around electrodeand circular tab. The full wrap around electrodehas been further segmented on the basis of types of wrapping around corners or around plates;there are mainly two types of that they are like wrap around electrode on a Plate and wrap around electrode on a tube .By product type the market has been segmented into three types they are like Lead zinc titanate,Lead titanate and Lead magnesium niobates. By end user the market has been segmented mainly into five types they are like automotive, industrial, IT & Telecom, medical and others.Furthermore, this report will also provide cross functional analysis of all the above mentioned segments across different regions such as Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

Continuously growing demand of the ceramic materials in power transducers for the purpose of using in ultrasonic applications ranging from 20 kHz to MHz ranges has boosted the growth of Piezoceramics Device market and acting is one of the main driving factors for the growth of piezo ceramic transducers. Growing usage of piezo ceramic transducer and piezo ceramic rings in medical surgeries along with the growing application of piezo ceramic transmitter for echo sounders and fish finding is also driving the market for Piezoceramics Device. Piezo ceramic sensor used in level sensors for the purpose of using in propagations time measurement is also expected to drive the market in forecasted period. This growing application of sonar technology and hydroacoustics in underwater applications is driving the market during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025. In addition to thatrapid growth of ultrasonic material processing, ultrasonic cleaning and ultrasonic welding is also expected to drive the market in the forecasted period.

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Unsuitability for measurement in the static conditionis expected to act as a restraining factor for the Piezoceramics Device market from achieving its full potential.Low output value in absence of the external circuits and adverse effect of temperature is acting as a restraining factor in the growth of Piezoceramics Device market. Difficulty to give the desired size and shape to this particular material and also to achieve the  desired strength is also acting as a barrier for this particular device. Key players in this market are simultaneously focusing on the development of various piezoelectric sensors and transducers.

By product type, the Lead zinc titanate market held the largest market share because of growing usage in healthcare, automotive and industrial segment. However, the lead magnesium niobates is expected to achieve the highest compound annual growth during the forecast period because of its growing usage in optoelectronics and acousto optics.

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Geographically, the piezoceramics device market is mainly driven by Asia Pacific region. Growing demand of piezoceramic devices in micro applicationsis driving the market in Asia Pacific region. Japan is the country which is involved in different researches on the piezoelectric materials to a very large extent compared to any other country .Owing to this research in piezo devices this market is expected to maintain its dominance in the market during the forecasted period from 2017-2025

Some of the leading players operating in the piezoceramics device market includes APC International (The U.S.), PI (Germany), Cognitec Systems (Germany), Piezosystem Jena (Germany), CeramTec (Germany), Piezo Solution (The U.S.), Piezo Systems. (The U.S.), Piezomechanik(Germany), Mad City Labs (The U.S.) and US Eurotek (The U.S.) among others.

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