Personal Safety Alarm Market Trends, Forecast by 2027

Rise in concerns regarding the safety of women, children, and elderly have led to an increase in demand for personal safety solutions across the globe. Compared to teasers, and pepper sprays that hold high legal risk, personal safety alarms are considered as more discreet and low-risk alternative to personal safety means. These safety alarms are portable devices that make a shrill sound of around 130 decibels when initiated.

Personal safety alarms are primarily used to scare off or startle attackers (human or animal). But, there are also some safety alarms are also specifically designed for safety of kids and elders. Personal safety alarms are of various patterns and equipped with features such as led lights and GPS-tracker.

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Global Personal Safety Alarm Market: Competitive Landscape

Mace Security International, Inc.

Mace Security International, Inc. is a U.S.-based manufacturer of personal defense and home security products. The company operates through four business divisions: Mace Personal Defense, Mace Security Products, Mace Central Station, and Industrial Vision Source. Personal safety alarms provided by the company are produced under its Personal Defense business segment and marketed under the brand, Vigilant Personal Protection System.

SABRE – Security Equipment Corp.

SABRE – Security Equipment Corp. is a global manufacturer and distributor of pepper sprays, law enforcement aerosol projectors, stun guns, personal alarms, civilian self-defense sprays, dog spray, and bear sprays. The company is headquartered in Missouri, the U.S. Its products are available in more than 40 countries across the globe. 


BASU.COM is a U.S.-based consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures personal safety devices. The company offers a wide range of personal safety alarms. Products offered by the company include eAlarm GPS, eAlarmPRO, eAlarm, Plus, eAlarm Jr, and eAlarmChoice. The company’s products are available worldwide through online ecommerce platforms.

Other major players operating in the global personal safety alarm market include WEALARMS Ltd, ADT Security Services, Skyguard Limited, and Katana Safety Arc.

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Global Personal Safety Alarm Market: Dynamics

Rise in Demand for Personal Safety Devices for Children

Personal safety alarms have experienced a noteworthy demand from parents to enhance the safety of their children. Child safety alarms are, therefore, considered as a key driving factor for the market. Child locator safety alarms are can be activated using a remote and programmed to make a sound when the child moves out of a specific area. Thus, rising demand for such safety systems is expected to drive the personal safety alarms market during the forecast period.

High Threat of Substitutes

Personal safety alarms face high threat of substitutes due to availability of other self-defense products such as pepper sprays and stun guns. Moreover, these devices sometimes reported counterfeit and fraudulent personal security alarms, leading to misleading threat indication. These factors have been adversely impacting the global personal safety alarm market.

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