What mistakes should be avoided when hiring a host?

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Now that you understand what a host is, know its features and know which are the most suitable to hire, preventing some errors is also part of choosing a good hosting. We bring here the main ones.

Do not check the quality of the support

It is common not to give much importance to support when hiring a hosting company. However, the support function goes far beyond answering questions. It involves, above all, assisting the customer in case the service presents problems.

For example: imagine if you lose access to your website’s admin panel because of a modification done the wrong way. In such cases, the most effective way to resolve this issue is by contacting support.

And if your business has an online store, the longer the site is down, the greater your loss. It turns out that this can be resolved quickly by good support.

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Do not check the quality of service

Have you ever visited a website that takes a long time to load or just about goes offline? Certainly their owners did not check the quality of the uk colocation when hiring a provider.

Therefore, make sure that the quality of the service you are hiring is very good, especially since speed and availability are two ranking factors in Google searches.

Pages that are slow and constantly go off the air do not win good positions in the online ranking and, therefore, are unlikely to achieve the first results.

Evaluate price only

When it comes to website hosting, you can be sure that high and low prices do not determine the quality of the service.

Therefore, analyze the prices of all the products you find to choose the one that best suits you and for a price that fits in your pocket.

Don’t search for business

You also need to know who you’re buying from. Therefore, a survey to find out which companies have the best market and public evaluation, as well as those with low evaluation rates, is essential.

If a company offers a good service, there will be trusted sources on the web recommending their services. On the other hand, if a company provides low-quality services, many complaints will certainly appear in the search results.

If you avoid these 4 mistakes, you will have no headaches when hosting your website on a host’s server. Since the performance of a website directly influences the image that your company has on the web, it is essential that the hosting is done well.

How can the choice of hosting impact your SEO?

For your site to be found in the organic results of search engines like Google, it must be well structured in terms of SEO.

However, just having content optimized for a given keyword and that has scannability, heading tags, among other elements, is not enough to achieve a good ranking.

Therefore, we will present what should be taken into account when choosing a host that benefits your SEO.

Loading speed

The loading time of a website should be up to three seconds. After all, this is the maximum time that users usually wait when they visit a page. Because of this, Google takes into account the loading speed to place a website among the first search results.


Since August 2024, having an SSL certificate has become a key factor in ranking. Even though sites that are not secure may still appear, those that start with https instead of HTTP will take precedence.

Therefore, when hiring a web host, make sure that it offers a security certificate for your website or blog.


Uptime is a computer’s uptime, that is, it corresponds to the period when it is on and operating without interruptions.

Thus, in the case of hosting, the term is used to indicate when best dedicated server hosting uk is available and can be accessed by both administrators and website visitors.

What are the terms you should know when hiring a server?

Finally, let us now see the main terms within the universe of hosts that you need to know when hiring one for your website.


DNS stands for Domain Name System, that is, it is responsible for locating and translating IP numbers to the URLs that we type in the browser’s address bar.


The domain is the text used in the address and it can be composed of the name of your website followed by some extension, for example, .com, .com.br, .blog.br, among others. Buy the best email hosting services from the email shop.

Some companies that provide hosting services also offer the domain. But, if you have already purchased it elsewhere, when hiring the host, you will need to make a note of your domain to the server’s DNS.


Although some people with programming knowledge have the habit of backing up on their own, it is recommended that the host has this function.

So, if you need to restore your website or blog to the way it was before or even if, due to an oversight, you lose its files, you can count on the backup. The email shop is offering the mail365 service.


Since secure sites benefit from Google ranking, yours must have an SSL certificate. The servers usually provide it with the hosting or sell it as a separate service.

The certificate causes your website to change from HTTP to https, indicating to the visitor that browsing is safe. In cases of virtual stores that operate with a credit card, the presence of the certificate is more than essential.


FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, that is, a file transfer protocol that exchanges between two computers connected to the internet.

In practical terms, it represents the moment when you send files – such as images, videos and documents – from your computer to your website. Although most servers have a file manager, you can also use specific programs, such as FileZilla, to do this type of transmission.

As you have seen throughout this guide, choosing a host should take into account several factors to avoid problems related to unavailability, slowness or lack of support.

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