Permit to employ a foreign worker

An employer, private individual or company, wishing to employ a foreign worker, must obtain a work permit, a permit to employ the worker. This in turn will receive a type B1 work visa that will complete the process between the employer and him.

The Ministry of the Interior imposes various and varied conditions for obtaining a work permit, which vary according to the field of employment and the reasons for applying for a foreign worker. The employer must know the procedures and preconditions and comply with all of them, otherwise he will be considered a criminal offense.

Work permits for a foreign worker – the types and conditions

As stated, obtaining a work permit involves prerequisites in accordance with the industry, field and other criteria:

Hiring foreign experts: The procedure for obtaining a work permit for a foreign expert consists of two stages:

Obtaining an employment permit from the Service Manager for Employers and Foreign Workers: The employer must submit an application for an employment permit, after verifying that the foreign expert belongs to one of the categories approved by the state. A foreign worker who does not fall into one of these categories will not receive an employment permit.

Issuance of a type B work visa by an expert. The visa will also indicate the approved employment profession. The areas that the state approves as areas of expertise are:

Senior staff member of a foreign airline or shipping company, subject to the international commitment of the State of Israel.

A senior manager or representative who meets the following definition: “A person who directs or determines the goals of an organization or departments in the organization. He is in a senior position in the company and is responsible for providing the organization’s services Personnel-related permit is also issued subject to the recommendation of the Director of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Economy.

Lecturer in an institution of higher education: The institution must meet the following definition: “Institution of higher education” is: an institution that has been recognized under section 9 of the Higher Education Council Law (1961), an institution that has received a permit or approval under section 21A of the said law, or An institution whose title it confers is recognized under section 28A of the said law. ” The academic institution must attach to the application for an employment permit also a certificate from the Council for Higher Education that the applicant institution is an institution of higher education as specified in the procedure.

Internship Medical Officer or Hospital Specialist: A hearing on an application for a permit to employ a doctor or nurse as part of a continuing education in a hospital, or to employ a specialist doctor in a hospital, will only be conducted if a recommendation from the Ministry of Health is attached to the application. In addition and in accordance with government decisions, no more than 50 permits per year will be issued for the employment of non-medical medical staff.

Foreign Artist: Permission to hire artists will usually be given to famous and reputable artists. The permit will usually be valid for a short period of three months or less and depending on the period of time required for the performance or work to which you have been invited. Certificates attesting to the artist’s skills and reputation and documents from the employer (applicant) on the details of the planned performance must be attached to the application for the employment permit. Sometimes the request is also forwarded to the Israel Omni Organization for an opinion from them.

Diamond: The employer applying for a work permit for a diamond industry professional must apply only through the Diamond Supervisor at the Ministry of Economy.

Foreign photographer or reporter: An application for an employment permit will be submitted only through the Government Press Office and subject to a special procedure relevant only to this field.

The procedure for submitting an application for a work permit from a foreign expert

According to the above criteria, if an employer is interested in hiring a foreign expert, he must submit the application to the Permits Division of the Population Authority along with all the relevant relevant documents. The application must be sent by mail. (It can also be submitted by hand Visa Lawyer (

Properly filled out application form

An accompanying affidavit signed by an authorized representative of the employer (permit applicant). The signature must be made before a lawyer or consul.

An updated printout that includes the employer’s information from the Companies / Partnerships / Business Licensing Registry.

If the employer is a local company, please include the following documents:

A copy of the last 3 forms 102 that were submitted to the National Insurance Institute for Israeli workers. The copy must be true to the original and approved by an accountant or lawyer.

– Certification of the company’s accountant confirming that the company is active and has not received a business warning for the tax year preceding the year of filing the application.

Applications for a new expert: For this type of application, the employer must attach a resume of the expert as well as certificates that testify to the education and experience or expertise of the same foreign worker. If the certificates are not in the Hebrew or English language, a notarized translation must be attached to them. In cases where the application concerns the employment of a foreign expert in specialist pay and in a profession that does not require academic education, an certified copy of a foreign company brokerage license must be attached which mediates between the employee in his country and the local employer with proof of legal mediation. An Israeli who reviewed the provisions of the contract and verified that they complied with Israeli law and procedures.

The procedure for processing an application for a permit to employ a foreign worker

After the employer’s application has been submitted to the Permits Division, it is examined whether the employer (permit applicant) has met the conditions and requirements. If necessary, the employer will be asked to complete missing documents or make corrections to the application and return them within 21 days from the date of receipt of the application. If the missing documents are not completed and the person requesting an amendment is not corrected on the set date, it will be stopped immediately and the Permits Division will even be able to reject it. Once the missing documents have been completed, the application is forwarded to the Commissioner (or an employee of the Permit Authority authorized on his behalf) and it may sometimes be discussed in an advisory committee. If the foreign worker has citizenship that is of interest or requires an examination by the security forces, the application will be examined before the permit is issued.

The decision is usually made within about thirty business days of submitting the documents in full. If the need arises for the opinion of a recommending body or an examination of the advisory committee is required, the decision will be made within thirty days from the date of receipt of the opinion or examination of the committee. The advisory committee consists of a representative of the Permits Division who chairs the committee, a representative of the Registry and Status Division of the Authority, a representative of the Enforcement Director, a representative of the Vocational Training Division of the Ministry of Economy and a representative of the Ministry of Economy. ninth