The world is registering greater interest in a healthy lifestyle despite the limitations posed by the economic situation in the country and the Covid-19 pandemic, situations that have brought severe restrictions on the reopening of gyms.

If you were already the kind of person that exercised regularly in a gym, then this pandemic heavily affected that routing. What makes it really complicated is that this moment of history is not affecting one country or one aspect. COVID-19 affects the world and the routines of all of us. According to an article published by Francisco D’Agostino, this situation has created a bigger interest in keeping a healthy lifestyle and that is shown in the subscriptions to alternative gyms all over the world.

This was stated by the general manager of the comprehensive health and wellness chain Gold’s Gym, Calhermi Naranjo, who pointed out that, despite the difficulties, the fitness sector has registered a strong expansion, especially “of gyms and small spaces of training”. This shows a big commitment from the chain to provide solutions to all needs, but also taking care of the measurements to ensure everybody’s health.

She explained that there is a lot of interest for functional training, in which exercises are performed on body weight, and implements such as rubber bands and balls, which is superior to that of conventional weights and machines. This places the small gyms as an opportunity to provide a safe space to exercise.

She also indicated that to maintain due distancing, the capacity of group classes such as cycling has been reduced: “They are not suspended but there are fewer, the same happens with outdoor activities. We are also always improving the range of disciplines we offer”.

Naranjo said that “the experience of going to a gym is not replaced in the case of people who are used to exercising”, but that the chain is seeking to create applications and digital environments as an alternative to a worsening pandemic and as a plan future growth.

This is now a widely popular way to grow businesses. Adapting is what shows resilience in a company and Gold’s Gym is actually showing a great resilience by adapting to the so-called “new normal”.

And in this new normal, health comes first. Exercising actually helps to improve your immune system, a much-needed aspect in today’s life, so adapting different ways to exercise in your daily life will improve your health and your capability of fighting the virus.

New information about COVID-19 is being published by the day, but it is a fact that exercise improves all aspects of our daily lives and including it only brings up benefits. Exercises are also used as stress relievers and who isn’t stressed out during these times?

Francisco D’Agostino explains in this article the importance of exercise and how more people are starting to apply them to their lives.

And if you run out of motivation for it, here we leave you some fun facts about exercises than can get you back on track even if you’re at home!

Did you know that music actually improves your workouts? That’s right. You can improve your routine by 15% if you listen to some motivating music! So, choose those tracks that will actually help you keep it moving!

Also, exercising actually slows down aging and increases productivity. So, if you’re struggling with keeping that productivity at home, start exercising!

Worried about the look of your skin? Well, you know the answer to it… exercise! Sweat releases dirt through your pores, which reduces acne and breakouts. Workouts improve the overall look of your skin and who doesn’t want a beautiful skin?

Another aspect of our lives that improve with a healthy exercise routine it your sleep pattern. If you are having trouble sleeping properly, try to start exercising to get relaxed and sleep better.

Plus, the more muscle mass you have, the more fat your body burns while resting and who doesn’t like to burn fat while resting?

It is a known fact that exercising improves all aspects of our lives so tell us in the comments which are your routines or how are you planning to be healthier during this 2021, the year in which health means everything!

In conclusion, exercise has all the benefits your body needs so make sure to stablish a healthy routine and make those little changes to improve your life!

What are the plans of this company for this year?

Gold’s Gym promotes a healthy lifestyle and already has 13 years in the market, employing 50 direct collaborators and another 100 indirect ones, and is currently evaluating new business models together with partners that provide financial viability. They have an important task of bringing a healthy option to exercise.

“We have gyms of different formats, but we aim for more compact and smaller formats that offer an interesting offer of different disciplines” Naranjo said.

For her part, the international director of franchises at Gold’s Gym, Nicole Nason, said that the company is carrying out “a careful reopening structure that guarantees the safety of all members” against Covid-19.

She noted that due to the pandemic, the world is valuing exercise and wellness as health because it involves strengthening the immune system. She pointed out that countries where tough measures have been established for the reopening of gyms, members have continued in contact and await normalization to return to training.

From London, Nason participated in the press conference, where she indicated that Gold’s Gym and its parent company, the European RSG group, are looking for new business models that link the brand with new technologies and latest trends in the fitness sector.

And we appreciate this dedication to create new ways to exercise. Since the rule is to stay at home to stay healthy, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but struggling times also open the road for new interesting proposals that adapts to the new reality we are living in.