Paper Lunch Boxes Market – Innovations & Competitive Analysis – Forecast

The paper lunch box with compartments and handles makes boxes more efficient and convenient to carry anywhere. The paper lunch box with a window elegantly displays the delicious food products to entice the customers. A paper lunch box is made out of kraft paper with different shapes, designs, dimensions, and holding capacities.

Paper lunch boxes are one of the best alternative to replace plastic lunch boxes. These boxes are tear-resistant with load-bearing power to take lunch boxes anywhere. They are easy to use, quick to pack by saving time and efforts.

The boxes are designed with a coating to keep the product inside the box hot for a more extended period. Even the boxes are manufactured from paperboard with a poly-coated interior to keep the food water-proof, leak-proof, oil-proof. These meal boxes with a flat surface, side tabs, leak-proof webbed corners, easy to fold, and open flaps with sturdiness allow easy eating straight from the boxes.

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With offset printing using glossy varnish, matte coating, laminated finish, the customized printing can be done on the lunch boxes to promote packaging promotion function. On top of everything, paper lunch boxes are disposable and environment-friendly when compared to plastic boxes. These factors are expected to augment the growth of the paper lunch boxes in the market.

Paper Lunch Boxes Market: Dynamics

The fast-growing trend of food order at home or workplaces are rising substantially. As a result, the consumer’s changing behavior towards ready-to-eat food is increasing. Moreover, the busy lifestyle, increasing women’s employment, and lack of time to cook food at home for working professionals has created a higher demand for packed meals. Apart from this, the changing pattern of spending more money on ready-made packed meals and convenient food products is also rising.

Additionally, the consumer’s preference towards food consumption by considering health consciousness and hygiene is also shifting. The increasing middles class families in developing countries with their increasing demand for ready-made packed food also helps the market for paper lunch boxes. Paper lunch boxes are suitable due to their safe packaging and ease to carry, saving time and effort, hence creating substantial growth in the market.

The paper lunch boxes are bio-degradable, eco-friendly, easily disposable, and environment-friendly. Nowadays, the stringent government rules, regulations, and ban towards the use of plastic products, the consumer’s awareness towards using eco-friendly, bio-degradable products having considerably less impact on the environment, is expected to generate growth opportunities for paper lunch boxes.

The COVID-19 outbreak changed the lifestyle of the people drastically. The lockdown, travel restrictions; closed offices, malls, restaurants and cafes, the work from home culture, disruption in the food supply chains has created a great potential for food provider and suppliers.

Even the online packed meal food ordering demand has also shot up substantially. Hence the paper lunch boxes, with their features of protecting the food from spoilage during transportation, keeping the food products fresh, ensuring food safety, nutritional value, and food quality could augment the growth of paper lunch boxes.

Paper Lunch Boxes Market: Segmentation

Paper lunch boxes market can be segmented by type, application, and end user.

By compartments, paper lunch boxes market can be segmented as

  • Single Compartment
  • Multi-compartment

By application, paper lunch boxes market can be segmented as

  • Restaurants and fast food services
  • Schools (Mid-day meals and picnics)
  • Offices (Corporate events)
  • Households (Functions and parties)
  • Others

Paper Lunch Boxes Market: Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific region is anticipated to grow due to the growing economy of developing countries, rising population, increasing the income of middle-class families, the rise in the purchasing power of the consumers. The current economic and social trends towards packed and processed food consumption could witness sharp growth.

The rising awareness of eco-friendly product preferences among consumers could impact the scope of paper lunch boxes. These days, food safety, sanitation laws, and stringent food contact materials to protect the public’s health are strictly followed across the globe. Even E-commerce and online food ordering have created massive potential for food distribution and supply services providers. These factors have gained the demand for paper lunch boxes market extensively in this region.

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Paper Lunch Boxes Market: Key Players

Key players in the paper lunch boxes market are,

  • Huhtamaki Oyj
  • BioPak Pty Ltd.
  • Qingdao Vistapak Packaging Co., Ltd.
  • Yongshunhe Paper Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
  • AR Packaging Holding AB
  • Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas.
  • DoECO
  • Saattvic Ecocare Products LLP
  • AS Food Packaging

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