The first in the overview is the Panasonic 360 Freestyle. Perhaps the clearest quality of this iron is the way it is cordless. If you’ve never used a cordless iron before, you’ll love it. You can move the iron without a reservation and take care of your belongings in no time. You are not seated stopping to move or reconnect it because you accidentally removed it from the splitter.

The best cordless iron has its standard setup: low-medium-high, with or without steam. You can splash on a level plane or vertically. It likewise includes an amazing twofold finished plan to assist you with completing twice as quickly. With the twofold tip and the missing link .you can rapidly move the iron to and fro to give that perfect look with no impedance. You can press every which way with the goal that the developments are rarely squandered.


  • Take out turns and tangles from a force string and appreciate the opportunity of 360 °. remote pressing with steam/iron, charging station and conveying case
  • Smooth iron each day with a simple to-slide twofold tip treated steel soleplate for delicate, multi-directional pressing
  • During pressing, apply the ideal centralization of steam with movable steam. catch to press without wrinkles and wrinkles on an assortment of textures
  • For included security, the charging support kills the following 10 minutes. whenever connected and unused, and a retractable spool stores the string inside the support.
  • Lightweight case boosts versatility, making this cordless iron ideal for quilt courses and sewing gatherings and crafts mans

Iron in all directions

Dissimilar to customary string irons, the ergonomic 360 °. multidirectional free-form iron diminishes wrinkles and wrinkles with exactness and speed. A non-stick tempered steel hot plate skims easily on sleeves, sleeves, collars, jeans. And enormous things like decorative liners and window ornaments.

All the right temperatures

Just set the iron into the charging base and select the temperature setting for the texture you’re pressing. In a few minutes, a temperature prepared light enlightens and you’re all set. Spot the iron back in the base to keep up the correct temperature. when you delay moving articles of clothing on the iron board.

Adjustable steam and drying settings

Apply the perfect concentration of steam, or no steam at all, for all of your ironing tasks. Set to HIGH for heavier fabrics every day. LOW for more delicate fabrics and quick and easy touch-ups, or choose DRY to iron when no steam is needed.

Ground-breaking vertical steam

At the press of a catch, the vertical steam capacity of the iron guides. A full fly of steam to unwind and dispense with wrinkles on hanging garments, blinds, window ornaments, and so on.

Steam stream power

With a one-contact stream of steam, an amazing plane of steam through the sole enters garments. Sheets and more to unwind and take out almost negligible differences and wrinkles. Also, when you’re finished pressing, another stream of steam through the soleplate helps clean the iron’s steam vents.

Against wrinkle shower

As you iron, a convenient steam fog button immediately puts an additional portion of dampness precisely. When and where you need it to expel difficult wrinkles from sleeves, collars, pants, and so forth.

Simple to fill the water tank

No compelling reason to take the iron in the sink to fill the water. A lightweight, solid water tank isolates from the iron at the pinch of a catch for a cleaner, without spill tops off. At the point when full, the tank immediately comes back to its place.

What do I like about this iron?

The remote plan of this iron is away from as far as security. I don’t need to stress over stumbling over, incidentally consuming, or stumbling over the link.

I love the artistic soleplate of this iron since it floats easily over the entirety of my textures when pressing.

This iron warms up decently fast, and when it does. It creates a great deal of steam, enough to dispose of the considerable number of wrinkles!

The broad surface of the sole encourages and quickens access to all edges of my garments. The exceptional 360 ​​° state of this iron is perfect for pressing. Difficult to reach little corners without continuing turning the iron and pressing at an awkward point



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