Packaging Primers Market 2024 | Webinars Help Assess COVID-19 Domino Effect in Packaging Applications

Stakeholders in the packaging primers market have been consistently monitoring the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the packaging industry, thereby providing avenues to keep parties informed. PMMI, the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, has been conducting webinars to establish communication among consumer packaged goods companies, industry experts, and original equipment manufacturers to discuss the virus’ effect on packaging throughout the supply chain.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the domino effect on the packaging primers market, where the impact on packaging machinery manufacturers disrupts other packaging activities such as filling, assembling, and even primer applications. Stakeholders are witnessing a slowdown in revenue generation, since packaging of non-essential products is continuing in a staggered manner. Nevertheless, COVID-19 vaccines are helping to revive the growth of the packaging primers market.

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Recyclable Delamination Primers Omit Drawbacks of Conventional Materials

The packaging industry is constantly taking efforts to improve the performance of food packaging systems with the help of multilayers and primers. However, recycling companies find it potentially difficult to recycle such materials, which has triggered the demand for sustainable multilayers and primers. Siegwerk is capitalizing on this opportunity to develop proprietary de-inking and the delamination primer technology that facilitates recycling of coatings.

Companies in the packaging primers market are developing recyclable delamination primers, which enable the separation of laminated structures in their individual film layers with the help of hot washing step in the recycling stream. This explains why the packaging primers market is estimated to expand 1.4 times the current market value by the end of 2028.

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Water-based Extrusion Lamination Primers Adopt Wide Variety of Accepting Substrates

Companies in the packaging primers market are innovating in water-based coatings. Aqua Based Technologies – a manufacturer of environmentally safe water-based coatings and primers is acquiring recognition for its top performing extrusion laminating primers such as Aquaforte® 108W and Polaqua® 710. Manufacturers are increasing the availability for primers that are compatible with the aluminum foil. They are boosting R&D efforts to increase the bond strength of lamination primers that adhere to films and metals with only small application quantities.

Water-based extrusion lamination primers are being developed to be used for PE & PP films, foil and paper, and other accepting substrates. Stakeholders in the packaging primers market are increasing the application of these primers for the ever-increasing flexible packaging industry.

Delivery of Substrate Enhancement with Water-based Primers Being Preferred by Packagers

Innovations in functional packaging coatings are translating into business opportunities for manufacturers in the packaging primers market. BASF is being highly publicized for its water-based emulsions for primers and lacquers that are gaining visibility in aluminum dairy pot lidding applications. Manufacturers are boosting their output capacities to increase the availability of primers that deliver substrate enhancement, and that are meant for paper for use in premetallization and digital applications.

Water-based coatings are relatively cost-efficient as compared to their solvent-based counterparts. Companies in the packaging primers market are innovating in pre-print primers for hard and soft aluminum to offer excellent heat resistance.

Innovations in Print-primers for Aluminum Yogurt Lidding Offer Heat, Chemical Resistance

Permanent metallization applications have fueled the demand for packaging primers. Chemline – an Indian manufacturer of premium adhesives and coatings is expanding its product portfolio in primer coatings meant for PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and paper for permanent metallization. Manufacturers in the packaging primers market are producing primer coatings that enable MET-PET (Metalized Polyester) films to print UV (ultraviolet) ink over its surface.

Innovations in print-primers for aluminum yogurt lidding for heat and chemical resistance are contributing to the growth of the packaging primers market. Companies are experimenting with numerous additives to improve the print quality of primers. Michelman is gaining popularity for developing multi-functional coatings that are replacing unrecyclable, complex, and costly multi-layer structures.

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