Global Decorative Print Market 2022 – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth

Decorative print market is expected to register a healthy growth during 2018-2026. Decorative printing is key for various products ranging from Automotive to miscellaneous stationery items used everyday. Additionally, decorative printing is handy for manufacturers to advertise, store, label, and convey important regulatory information as well. Decorative printing offers lucrative opportunities for players in its advertising application. Decorations have always been an integral part of presenting and attracting a horde of consumers. These prove to be especially powerful as studies continue to suggest a strong association between branding and final sales. Additionally, increasing advancements in the decorative print market such as digital printing, increased speeds, and high-performance single-phase machines are expected to drive new opportunities for all market players during the forecast period.

Decorative print market: Notable Developments

  • Ronald Britton, a supplier of metal powders and glitter products has launched a completely plastic free and biodegradable material in the market. The material is natural and decomposes in the market environment, which is a major boost for the decorative print market. The market players are facing tough regulations in several economy, especially the EU. This new announcement can broaden material basis for various applications and reduce unnecessarily costs related to recycling.
  • Trelleborg, a printing solution provider has announced collaboration with Monia Group. The Monica group is a large distributor, firmly rooted in emerging markets around the world. The collaboration signals a changing turn of the tide in the global decorative print market. Regions such as Asia Pacific continue to register incredible growth and attract large investments and players in the global decorative print market.

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Decorative print market: Key Trends

Decorative print market report is witnessing a robust growth in gravure printing method. The method has been prominent in several applications such as wallpapers laminates, flooring laminates, and a host of others. It is also widely used in direct printing for doors, panels and glass screens. Ease of use and cost efficiency are expected to drive growth of the decorative print market in the near future.

The decorative print market is expected to witness major growth due to rising demand for new homes coupled with renovation and do-it-yourself trends. Additionally, incentives to create immersive experiences in commercial establishments are also expected to drive the decorative print market during 2018-2026. The products in the decorative print market also giving conventional construction materials like wood flooring a run for their money. Changing tastes and preferences are also expected to create new opportunities in the decorative print market.

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Decorative print market: Regional Outlook

The global decorative print market report is divided into main regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa. North America region is witnessing a growing demand, thanks to increasing do-it-yourself renovation trends in the US. Additionally, the country is also witnessing a growing influx of government investments in providing affordable housing. Many products in the decorative print market are likely to benefit from growing investments in initiatives such as affordable housing and increased attention towards homelessness. On the other hand, Asia Pacific is witnessing a growing demand for new housing and rising disposable income which is expected to drive considerable growth for the decorative print market during the forecast period.

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