Our Guide To The Best Fishing Spots In Sydney

Our Guide To The Best Fishing Spots In Sydney

If you are in the Sydney area and you like fishing, this article was written with you in mind, as we have compiled a list of some of the fishing hotspots in this amazing city. There are, of course, many places that you can fish in Sydney, and here are our top 5 fishing venues to help you with tight lines.


Located on the Cook River, this serene area of quiet beach is home to many species including Snapper, Bream, Flathead and Tarwhine, and early mornings and evenings are the ideal time. Don’t expect to be all on your own when you visit this hotspot, as many locals fish here during all times of the year. Remember to apply for your NSW recreational fishing licence, which can be done online.

Manly Vale

Also known as Manly Dam, this is a freshwater venue that is a firm favourite with the fly-fishing community, thanks to the presence of Carp, Australian Bass, Silver Perch and Redfin. You will have to watch out for water sports lovers, as people like to use this water for kayaking and water skiing, so do be careful when long casting. The venue is only open certain hours, so Google to find out when you can fish this picturesque lake. If you’re in need of high quality fishing equipment, Fish Head offers Gold Coast fishing tackle at very reasonable prices. Plus, they have top quality reels, line, lures and hooks – everything you need to fish.

Gordon’s Bay

This is rock fishing at its best, and the best time to go is low tide, when you can expect to catch Bream, Parrot Fish, Red Rock Cod and Trevally. You cannot, however, fish for Blue Groper, which is a protected species. This is a great place to take the family as the kids can search the rockpools for crabs and small fish. There are also some really nice walks along this stretch of the coast.

Gunnamatta Bay

Also known as Port Hacking, fishing off the jetty will likely result in some Flathead, Whiting or Bream, which frequent this calm bay, and the currents bring fish and food into this bay, making it a real hotspot where you can catch all day if the conditions are right. Early mornings are the most productive and there is ample parking very close by. Keeping west of the low tides is always advised when fishing Sydney coastal bays, and worms and shrimp are prime baits.

Clifton Gardens

Located at Mosman, Clifton Gardens is ideal for the angler who loves beautiful surroundings, with a popular public pool and a wharf from where to cast your line. You can find Yellow Tail, Kingfish, Garfish & Bream at this venue.

Fishing is all about relaxing in natural surroundings and there aren’t many places nicer than Sydney for a spot of angling, whether you are alone or with your family.