Online Doctor Appointment

Breezefast Online Doctor Visits can be a life-saver if you are looking to get seen from the comfort of your home. Our virtual doctors are able to give online prescriptions (except for controlled substances) and take care of your lab and radiology testing and referrals to a specialist if needed.

Illnesses usually come at inconvenient times. You might be hours away from a family vacation, in the middle of a big work project, or trying to coordinate new childcare and suddenly you start to feel sick. It’s certainly not something you need or have time to go the the emergency room for and Breezefast understands that. This is why our patients love our virtual doctor-on-call service.

We know that finding a doctor’s office or getting a prescription refill can be a daunting task. You have to juggle your schedule, your family’s schedule, what the doctor has available, and then coordinate with local pharmacy hours too! And if you are busy working, trying to get seen by a doctor the same day can be a huge challenge. Our board-certified online doctors can send your online prescription to your local pharmacy. You can access your records from a mobile app, Our online doctor’s service can make you feel relieved, healthy, and happy in a jiffy!

We also know that safety and security are a huge priority to patients so we guarantee that your medical care will be done over a secure network with all the same patient confidentiality as your in-person doctor. Plus every appointment with our virtual doctor on demand is done using software that is federally certified and HIPAA Compliant.

The next time you’re pressed for time but find yourself feeling sick, try an appointment with our online doctor.

Doctor in New York

“Find best Doctors in New York to get instant medical advice and second opinion for your health problems. Ask the doctors online and consult them on face-to-face video chat or phone.”Get started now!

Online Doctor Consultancy

Online doctor Consultancy is becoming very popular nowadays because of their convenience and easy to access modules. Such websites help users to get an instant online prescription without any prior appointment from the doctor. These websites are always open for users to get help in both minor as well as serious health-related issues twenty-four seven and all seven days a week. It’s the best alternative according to me as it has completely changed the traditional method of going for health perceptions to a doctor.

Such facilities have helped mankind a lot, now anyone can access to a doctor no matter where he/she lives you can directly have a word with an authorized doctor. Communication between the patient and the doctor can be done via email, video call, SMS or simply via phone call Apart from these, there are other benefits of opting for online doctor services rather than going for the traditional method, the most important factor according to me is cost deduction throughout the procedure.

Fee for different services may vary, but the cost behind all those services will be definitely lesser than the cost which uses to come while going to a doctor personally at clinics and hospitals. You definitely will save money on your health insurance, transportation cost, as well as the clinic or hospital charge. No such time limits are there you can talk to the doctor till you are very much clear about your issues apart from that you also don’t need to stand behind the long queues to ask for a doctor. Such websites keep the response time to the minimal and respond to your query as soon as possible.