Online casino is getting momentum

In the last few years the Internet has spread across the world. Internet has developed itself as a very reliable mode of communication. With the growth and expansion of the Internet, the apps based on the Internet have also rapidly grown.

Almost every industry has some significant presence in the cyber world. Many industries are primarily dependent on online business than brick and mortar business model. Some companies have extended their business functions in cyber world.

Similarly, online casinos are becoming good business in cyber world. Many land based casinos have extended their business to online business and there are some companies who do not have business in land based casinos buthave good business in online casinos. Mandiri QQ is recognized in online casinos as established portal with great features.

Challenges with traditional land based casinos

People have been visiting traditional land based casinos for gambling etc as they love the thrill of winning and losing. But over the years traditional land based casinos are losing their business to online casinos. Traditional land based casinos are facing following challenges over the past few years:


-Traditional land based casinos are costlier to start and operate than online casinos. Traditional land based casinos require huge investments.

– Traditional land based casinos can attract customers from local territory whereas online casinos are attract customers from across the world.

– There is no anonymity in land based casinos. People frequently visiting land based casinos are identified by the friends and family and they get bad name for this. This does not happen with online casinos. Very few people will come to know about online gambler and they will not be stigmatized in the society for their gambling practices or addiction.

-Land based casinos have space limitation hence they cannot have an array of games which becomes dissuading point for them. Online casinos do not have any serious problem with adding new games of gambling with its online casino website.


-Land based casinos have time limitation issues. People cannot just walk in at early hours to play gambling game. Land based casinos have traditional starting and closing hours. This does not happen with online casinos; players can just login to their account and start the play. There is generally no specific starting and closing time with online casinos.

-With land based casinos, patrons cannot make big choices of games. There are limited number of games that is available with land based casinos because of space crunch and limited number of peoplethat can play simultaneously with a land based casino. But, withgood online casinos like Mandiri QQ there is no space crunch and patrons can select games from a big list of games available on the website.

With the limitations that traditional land base casinos have, it is obvious that Online Casinos will prosper in immediate future. With the rapid growth and spread of Internet, many more patrons will join online casino for the thrill of winning and losing. The patrons and online casinos have to focus on security of transactions and safety of customers’ data etc.