North America to Lead the Laser Dust Monitoring Market – Rising urbanization, & continuously growing population

Laser Dust Monitor: Introduction

  • A laser dust monitor is a compact, optical dust monitor for continuous measurement of dust concentration or opacity. Laser dust monitors are of three types: medium path, long path, and extra-long path.
  • Laser dust monitors are designed for measurement across pipes, stacks, and ducts with typical path length of 0.5 to 10m
  • Laser dust monitors have transmitter and receiver configuration to measure the dust concentration along the optical line of sight. They provide a non-contact approach which is better than point type dust meters.
  • By using laser technology, the laser dust monitoring system combines two measuring principles in one instrument. At low dust levels, it works with forward scattered light technology in which the incident laser light is scattered by dust particles and collected on a sensor for quantification, and at high dust levels, it measures the transmittance or opacity.
  • Laser dust monitoring has various applications such as scrubber and filter optimization, bag house filter surveillance, and dust explosion prevention.

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Growth of the Laser Dust Monitoring Market

  • Laser dust monitoring has a variety of applications in construction dust monitoring, mining dust monitoring, quarrying dust monitoring, thermal power plant dust monitoring, cement factory dust monitoring etc. Monitoring of heavy dust activities is crucial because they have a direct impact on surrounding areas and employees working in the premises. Timely steps can be taken to activate dust suppression by continuous dust monitoring.
  • Increasing demand for a dust free environment and rising awareness about health and safety measures offer huge opportunities for the laser dust monitoring market
  • Laser dust monitoring finds application in cement industry, steel industry, chemical industry, power industry etc. In the cement industry, dust measurement is based on particles interacting with an isolated probe. When moving particles pass nearby or hit the probe, a signal is generated, and that signal is passed through different filters to remove noise and provide accurate measurement output. Thus, increased use of laser dust monitoring for industrial purposes results in the growth of the market.

North America to Lead the Laser Dust Monitoring Market

  • Rising urbanization, continuously growing population, increased purchasing power, and increased requirement for laser dust monitoring systems drives the market in North America
  • Increased safety standards for industrial workers against serious risks, and combustible risks have positively impacted the growth of the laser dust monitoring market in North America
  • Rising health concerns among people due to poor quality of air and initiatives taken by governments to reduce air pollution have added to the growth of the laser dust monitoring market. Governments conduct tests at different places and impose restrictions to prevent the air pollutants from exceeding the prescribed limits. This is projected to increase the demand for laser dust monitoring in North America.

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Key Players of the Global Laser Dust Monitoring Market

  • AMTEK, Inc.
  • FORBIX SEMICON India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hangzhou Zetian Technology Co., Ltd
  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • KANSAI Automation Co., Ltd.
  • Particles Plus, Inc.

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