North America Mens Skincare Products Market Analysis, drivers, trends, challenges, competition

The demand for men’s skincare products is rising at a stellar pace in recent times. Use of high-quality personal care products in men has emerged as a prominent trend across the global cosmetics industry. The growing inclination of men towards personal grooming has led them to use several cosmetic products.

  • The need for a clearer skin is not restricted to women alone, and men have become key consumers within the global men’s skincare products market. Furthermore, manufactures of these products have used the right promotional hacks to captivate the attention of the end-users. Innovation has been the catchphrase of marketing campaigns aimed at promoting men’s skincare products.
  • Sportspersons have emerged as important consumers of men’s skincare products. Moreover, the market players have reciprocated to the demands of these individuals by manufacturing high-performance skincare gels and creams.
  • The use of moisturising creams amongst men has risen in recent times. The fashion industry has played an integral role in driving sales across the global men’s skincare products market. As celebrities and influencers endorse skincare products, the end-users are expected to give in to the promised benefits of skincare products. Henceforth, it is safe to assert that the men’s skincare products market would tread along a lucrative path in the times to follow.

Men’s Skincare Products Market: Overview

Until very recently, there was no particular hype about the men’s skincare products. Leading players too treated that segment lower than that of women related products. However, with the new researches, developments, and with a view to build a more sustainable brand, the global men’s skincare products market is the one with maximum growth opportunities. One of the major trends in the global men’s skincare products is of organic men’s skincare products. Aligning with the health and wellness trend, green or organic men’s skincare products of better quality are in great demand.

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Men’s Skincare Products Market: Notable Developments

Some of the recent notable developments in the global men’s skincare products market are given below:

  • In September 2019, Beiersdorf announced that the company has launched a new skin care product especially designed for tattooed skin. The new product has the so-called INKGAURD® technology that has an active ingredient blend that will help in taking care of the tattooed skin.
  • In May 2019, Beiersdorf announced that the company has successfully acquired the legendary and iconic Coppertone™ brand from Bayer AG. The overall price of the deal was worth US$550 million.

Men’s Skincare Products Market: Drivers and Restraints

There is range of factors that exerts a positive influence on the development of the global men’s skincare products market. One of the biggest driving factors for the growth of the men’s skincare products market is the portfolio extension and product innovation that has led to the establishing of a premium brand product. There are some leading manufacturers in the men’s skincare products market that consistently offer new and more innovative products to their consumers. Such skincare products are generally expensive than the regular ones. However, with the growing economic strength of people, they are ready to pay high amounts for a superior quality product that will offer an enhanced solution to their skin problems. Pigmentation, aging, and acne has long been some of the most common skin related problems among men. With such new and innovative products that provide the estimated results, their demand is certainly on the rise. This has thus helped in driving the growth of the global men’s skincare products market to newer heights.

Interestingly, the global men’s skincare products market is also influenced by the growing air pollution across the world. To tackle the ill effects smog, air dust, smoke, etc. on the skin, the end-users are increasingly preferring skincare products that will provide good results. This has had a direct impact on the growth of the global market as there has been a growing demand for the products that will tackle such ill effects of pollution on men’s skin.

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Men’s Skincare Products Market: Geographical Outlook

The global men’s skincare products market is divided into five major regional segments to give a better understanding of it geographical landscape. These regions are North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific. It is projected that the regional segment of Asia Pacific will dominate the global men’s skincare products market in the coming years of the forecast period. Previously the regional segment did contribute significantly in terms of value as well as volume. Such stellar growth of the Asia Pacific men’s skincare products market is primarily attributed to the highly established brands that provide consistent product quality. In addition to this, the aggressive and innovative marketing strategies and campaigns set up by these brands are also helping to increase the sales in the region.

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