No Way! Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Faking It With Hair Extensions

Long, beautiful, well-groomed hair is a dream of every woman. Even celebrities suffer from thin, naturally brittle hair.

Show business is an area where it is important to always be on top and look amazing. To grab the attention of fans, to look like a real queen on the red carpet, you should pay attention to your hair. Some actresses and singers have been wearing hair extensions with natural donor material for a long time.

We are not talking about wigs made from faux hair. Not at all! The celebrities would never do that because they care for their status and look.

Hair Extension became so popular in Hollywood. It all started with TV and film stars wearing wigs to change the appearance or to make a unique look to perform on stage in the spotlight. 

Nowadays, as social media developed and our around-the-clock news media pressure, celebs often find it necessary to have an extravagant look 24/7. Also, hair extension is a great tool for those who need change all the time for photoshoots, shows, films, or concerts.

Let’s look at celebrities who were faking with hair extensions:

One of them is a Latin American beauty –  Shakira. She knows how to amaze not only with her fabulous voice but also with a real “lion’s mane”. The star has always delighted us with luxurious blond hair. Unfortunately, that beautiful hair is not her own, it is a high-quality extension.

Paris Hilton, the granddaughter of the famous Hilton hotel owner, is an icon of style, glamor, and luxury. The blonde does not hide her love for such procedures and even supports her among those who want to remain stylish. For the habit of extending her hair, Paris was given the nickname “The Queen of False Hair”.


Nicki Minaj – who does not know this turnip queen and a real beauty with gorgeous forms? Do you remember her extremely long hair? She is not Rapunzel, which means that there is an extension. But anyway, does not she look great?

Jennifer Lopez – this hot Latin singer knows how to look amazing all the time. She has never been seen with short hair. Once in an interview, the singer admitted that she was visiting a hairdresser, who made her extensions.

Pamela Anderson – an actress, that is well known and loved by millions because of Malibu Rescue, right? Every fan of this American TV series admired the beauty of her hair. The hairstyle shines in the light and looks perfectly smooth. But! Her beautiful hair is fake. 

Selena Gomez – a talented young singer is not an exception. We all have seen a great ad for Pantene shampoo with Selena. But as we know now, unfortunately, the beautiful hair is not hers. It is an extension!