Opportunities for skilled private equity professionals await anywhere across the globe. One of them would be Dubai, known as a glamorous holiday destination and a wide number of private equity firms with extensive funds. So, your dream job in Dubai is not so far!

Why PE in Dubai?

There are several private equity firms in Dubai that look-out for ex-pat employees. The roles range from investment analysts to lawyers. A few of the reasons to work in Dubai include a clean balance between salary and cost of living; reasonably priced accommodation, and tax-free work [you may have to give away 15% of earnings as an ‘exit payment’].

The biggest strength of the Middle East and North Africa [MENA] is Dubai, known for the fastest-growing economies in the world. The private equity firms in Dubai offer mainly three services namely, advisory and syndication, fund distribution, and capital advisory.

  • The relationships matter more. PE firms’ advisory and syndication service are highly customized that solves the customers’ financial struggles. They provide all services including structuring debt, offering advisory, and shaping equity and mezzanine transactions.
  • Likewise, the fund distribution services are region-focused for deal flow origination, find and tap investors. The potential investors here include pension funds, private offices, insurance firms, wealth funds, large families, and other similar financial institutions.
  • In the case of capital advisory services, they look for companies who tend to expand their businesses in the MENA region. As a result, they look for M&A deals and target companies that want to expand the business.

Top private equity firms in Dubai

A few of the top private equity firms in Dubai include:

  • The Gulf Capital
  • The Abraaj Capital
  • Ithamar Capital
  • Cedar Bridge Partners
  • NBK Capital Partners

Earning a job in PE firms, Dubai

If a private equity career is your choice, then Dubai would be one of the best choicest destinations.

As the private equity industry in Dubai is still emerging, getting an entry-level job could be easier. However, you need to be a finance graduate or post-graduate with technical and interpersonal skills. Staying updated with the industry’s current trends will fetch you a job in top private equity firms with a higher salary compensation.

Generally, the top private equity firms hire through recruitment agencies. If you successfully complete the interview round conducted by the recruitment agency, you may have to go for the second round of interviews. The second round of interviews will be generally conducted by the partner or solicitor of the chosen PE firm, where you can expect technical and personality-type questions. If you are succeeding in this round, then you will be directly interviewed by the managing director and the human resource professional of the firm.

Networking and building relationships with partners and associates of PE firms would help you get ahead during interviews.

Moving forward, let’s see the salaries of private equity professionals in Dubai.

Salaries for private equity professionals

The private equity market in Dubai is emerging and will grow as one of the most attractive destinations worldwide.

As an analyst, you may earn around AED 18000 to 25000. The average salary for a Managing Director is AED 400,000.


The banking and finance industry exhibit an upward trend in Dubai for the last few years. The work culture in Dubai is welcoming and there is no gender parity. The private equity firms have realized that diversity will bring success. We find women in senior-most positions. Studies indicate that 18% of the senior leadership team comprises women.

If a private equity career is your choice, then considering a job in Dubai would be worth it. Stay updated with the current trends and enjoy a pleasant job.