NewsWorth Initiative For Citizens And Mainstream Journalists


NewsWorth Hyperbolic and clickbait headlines, catchy titles, and fake News – we all come across this time, especially when these fake contents are shared across social media.

Some of us would read with full disbelief on the other hand; others would immediately share it around different platforms.

Though some readers would spend a few seconds to understand such fake stories’ originality, it may be already have gone viral by then attracting millions of views all around the world.

This being said, almost 80% of people are worried about fake news and are interested in genuine news content. In this case, a search engine such as Google is taking measures to improve the quality of its news content on its platform- Google News Initiative (GNI).

The GNI algorithm is similar to how YouTube removes hateful content, and they play to execute much smarter technology to verify content.

But, the main Google search page stays the same, and there are a growing number of people looking for verified news content platforms. Fake news and misleading content are making people think twice before choosing a news platform or media source.

Media houses, journalists, and citizens want a platform that will provide a 360-degree support process from creation until news content consumption.

In this regard, big tech companies such as NewsWorth offer end-to-end News content platforms to people worldwide.


The Media Collaborative Approach of NewsWorth for Content Creators and Journalists


The NewsWorth platform helps in the process of creation, certification, copyrighting of contents. The platform also allows Media houses in sourcing copyrighted local news content which are authentic and certified.

Furthermore, NewsWorth offers a promising opportunity for publishers struggling to find the source of news content and keep readers on track.

With the NewsWorth App, a citizen can capture a story live and publish it for the media houses and other journalists to view the information.

The best part is that the story’s creator does not have to worry about the certification process and instead focus on the main news content. It is because the app itself collects background information for verification and performs other functions for certification of the content.

Media companies can take full advantage of the news content when there is a lack of reporter’s availability and find multiple sources in one place to discuss and debate the News for further verification of the content.

The NewsWorth platform is both for citizen journalism and mainstream journalism and creates a delicate balance between both the aspects of journalism and sourcing contents. The citizen journalism platform inside the NewsWorth app provides the solution to the citizens to develop newsworthy content and share it with broader market professionals.

All in all, NewsWorth is a platform targeted to cut down misleading and fake News and is a platform that encourages authentic and diverse news content from all across the world.