How to Link Amazon Accounts

How to link Amazon accounts…and get suspended as a result!

That’s right, linking two Amazon accounts is a surefire way of getting suspended, because Amazon has a very strict multiple account policy. Not only that, it also has a very intelligent algorithm which can sniff out accounts with linked information as fast as a police dog can sniff out drugs! It can sometimes even sniff out legal ghost Amazon accounts, even though people claim that they are untraceable.

We get it, it’s much more convenient (and in some cases, safer) to have more than just one seller account on Amazon’s platform. But fact of the matter is, Amazon just doesn’t like that. And even if you’re super careful with keeping information separate on different accounts, it can still bust you.

Let’s go ahead and look at some ways Amazon can link accounts and suspend them:

  1. Same IP Address

And here you thought if ALL of your information is separate, you’re home free! Nope, not a chance. Even if you make sure that the information for the new account is unique and not the same as the old one, you’ll get linked as soon as you create the new account under the same IP address you used to create the old one. To be fair, it’s a pretty understandable mistake. You would never thing that using the same IP would be a problem, especially if you’re using another computer. Which brings us to the second point:

  1. Using the Same Hardware

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Using the same computer, phone, tablet, typewriter…basically the same hardware you used to open the old account will get the new one suspended before it even lets out its first breath! All those super cookies and hardware footsteps are stored in Amazon’s database, linking your accounts in a matter of seconds [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6].

  1. Matching Email Addresses, Names, Addresses, and Phone Number

Any personal information on your old account should not appear on your new one. This goes for email addresses, names, phone numbers, and addresses. Even the slightest detail can link the accounts and suspend the new one. Guilty by association, we guess!

  1. Matching Bank Account Information

If the same banking information from your old account appears on the new one, the new one will get a swift suspension. Using the same credit card for both accounts is definitely a culprit for account linkage on Amazon’s platform. It’s definitely a deal-breaker!

Here’s the good news: You can open multiple accounts on Amazon (especially since the laws were laxed in April 2022), if you know how to do it in the right way. If there’s one thing Amazon has plenty of, it’s loopholes! And luckily, we know plenty of them here at Got Suspended? Amazon suspension appeal services. We’ll help you out if you’re hit with a linked suspension, and we’ll provide consultation on how to set up new accounts in a way that Amazon’s AI is not on your track 24/7!