How to Achieve Better Fitness and Wellness By Alex Patrick Zanders ?

They say “Health is the greatest wealth” but one has to work hard to achieve this wealth. In the current era, due to our busy schedules working hard for achieving fitness is very challenging. Competition is at peak and people work for money and keep it on the top in their priority list. Although, health is equally important and no one should ignore it. Without good health, there will be no use of money and your medical bill will suck it all within a limited time.

So you must prioritise your health but work hard is still a problem but don’t worry Alex Patrick Zanders has a perfect solution for you. Through which you would be able to achieve better fitness and wellness without burdening your routine so much. So let’s have a brief knowledge of Alex Patrick Zanders theory of fitness and wellness.

Healthy Behaviour and Wellness
Alex Patrick Zanders believes that fitness is internally connected with behaviour and a positive mindset. Our mindset is first and foremost thing. Without proper mental wellbeing, you cannot achieve fitness. That’s why calm, think positive stay, and focus on your goal and health. Think of living a spiritual and healthy life and your mind will divert your life in that particular direction. Along with it, self-control is also necessary to make changes in life and the trait is tied with the mind. So you must practice self-control, keep your mind in a healthy position, and away from stress if you want to achieve fitness.

Create a Balanced Routine
Healthy food, proper sleep, and a well-balanced routine is the next thing upon which you should concentrate. Setup a time-clock for your body and sleep at the same time and again wake up on the fixed time. Eat on the scheduled time and if possible finish your meals before 7 pm. unbalanced routines can disturb your body clock and you cannot afford it. So create a proper schedule for your daily chores such as eating, sleeping, working and exercising.

Right Food atthe Right Time
They say “We are not what we eat but what we digest” true, Alex Patrick Zanders has a similar perspective. There is a right time to eat the right things. Something like curd is an excellent probiotic and source of protein but you cannot have it in the night. Similarly, fruits are full of nutrients but you must not eat them after sunset otherwise they will react differently in your body.

To achieve optimum fitness and wellness, avoid eating junk foods and eat healthy food that is low in carbs and high in nutritional value.  Sources of protein, calcium, iron, vitamin, zinc and fibre should be a part of your daily diets. Along with it, eat moderate food at breakfast, something heavy at lunch and very little at dinner. Say no to packaged, junk, or oily food. Avoid eating sugary food and food made of refined flour. As refined flour gets stuck in the intestines and hinders the digestion process.

Exercise Daily
Achieving fitness without exercising is nearly impossible. So you are ought to have a workout routine if you want to achieve your goal. Create a workout routine, start from 10 minutes workout schedules, do warm-ups and then with time slowly switch to intense workouts. For beginners, cardio, squats, push-ups, chest fly, bench press and other abs workouts would do fine. You can join a gym if you need proper training and equipment.

Make Small Efforts
Take little steps towards your goal. Don’t jump on big things if you are just a newcomer. Otherwise, your mind will run away if you will do so much work just in one day. Achieving fitness is a long journey, not a short route. So start from 10 minutes warm-up and workouts. At first, include fruits and salads in your diet and then gradually increase the time. Give your mind enough time to adjust to the new routines. Divide your goal into little tasks and try to fulfil each one of them. Last but not the least, keep a tab on your progress. Make a to-do list and appreciate yourself if you meet the goal.

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