5 Things you should know about New York Drug Testing Laws


The most important thing in life is to be responsible and committed to what we want to be. That should be our first and basic rule according to which we will be guided in the functioning of our everyday life. When we say to be responsible and committed we mean to be clean. We seek purity in our intentions, in our reactions, in our moves, but also in ourselves. When we say to seek purity in ourselves we mean to be true by pointing to alcohol and drugs. Yes, we need to be clean in that aspect, which is very important. It is important because if we ingest alcohol and drugs, and especially drugs, we would be in danger of not being able to live properly, to put our health in danger, as well as to reduce our chances of being successful to a minimum.


It is, therefore, necessary to be responsible and not to consume these substances. This will achieve the goal of having a healthy body, will maintain healthy habits, will increase the chances of getting the job you have long wanted, and certainly will not violate the laws that specifically consider drugs as a banned substance whose consumption is punishable by law. Some countries around the world have regulated the use of drugs, but also the testing for drug consumption. So specifically New York is successfully dealing with it because they have laws that properly regulate this issue which is very important.

It is very important to have control over things, and this has been proven to us by the authorities in New York, which have drafted a law that regulates drug testing. Through that law, they managed to establish rules and order, but also practice on how to find out the status of the presence of drugs in a person. As this law has been increasingly mentioned in the public lately, a number of questions arise about it. Knowing this fact, we decided today to give you more information about the law on drug testing in New York. So let’s see what are the things you need to know about this law in case you come across a situation related to it. Find more information below.

  1. By law, all employers are allowed to test you before hiring you – you find an open advertisement for a position you have long wanted, apply, review your application and call you in for an interview. In the conversation, you need to do your best to prove that you are the right candidate for the position and if you do that you are one step closer to getting the position. But what is the final thing that separates you from the position? It is a possible drug test that the employer has every right to do by giving you prior notice. It is permitted under New York City law, say from Health Street, which has reviewed the law and provided additional information. So do not be surprised if your employer asks to test you for drugs before inviting you to work in the position.
  2. If you test positive on one test you will not be employed, but if you test negative on the next one your job is guaranteed – if your employer asks you to take such a test before you get an answer on whether you will be part of the company or not be prepared for that. The process does not take too long, the results reach the employer and if your results are positive you will not get the position, but if you go to another company and if your test results are negative there, you according to the law of New York which regulates this problem you can to be part of that company and to be appointed to the position.
  3. You can take the test yourself at your own request – it is good to know that the law does not have any restrictions on being tested at your own request. If you consult a legal entity or if you review the law yourself, you will see that you can also ask to check your situation regarding this issue. In that case, you will be able to ask for a sample to be taken and for the sample to be examined for the presence of drugs or not. This will make sure that everything is fine with you and that something like that is not planted on you through food or a drink.
  4. If you need to do this test you need to be informed in advance – if someone asks you to do this type of test then it should come as no surprise. Always before such an examination is needed, you need to be informed, ie you need to know that you need to do that examination. It is not in accordance with the law and the rules that you are required to take an examination immediately, so if you are in such a situation do not accept because it is not correct. You need to receive an oral or written notice with a period of time left from the notice to implementation.
  5. The law does not protect you from using drugs, it only serves to regulate these tests – drug use is not supported and approved, you must know that from the very beginning. In every country in the world, even in New York, the use of drugs of any type is not acceptable and not supported by law. Anything categorized under the law as a drug is not acceptable, so it is good to know that any use of such compromising substances can put you, your health, at-risk, and may jeopardize your job or success in business and private life.

These are the most important things you need to know about this high act in New York. You can find out more in the law or from lawyers, but it is good to have this information in mind in order to know how to behave in a situation in which the drug test is mentioned or conducted.