6 Leveling Mistakes All New Players Always Make In WoW  

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It makes no difference whether you enjoy playing video games or not; there is a handful that you must be familiar with because everyone has been talking about them for quite some time. World of Warcraft is undoubtedly one of these players’ favorites, and it has been a pioneer of the genre, as well as the single representative of this video game genre – massively multiplayer online role-playing games – for many years.

Of course, when we are unfamiliar with something, even if we are aware of what to expect, we tend to make hasty decisions, which leads to errors. Making mistakes is common, and we all do it, but why keep repeating the same mistakes when there’s a method to avoid them? That is why, like with any other game or facet of life, it is beneficial to learn from the mistakes of others. There’s no good justification for that; therefore, let’s concentrate on the top six most typical leveling errors that all WoW players do.

1. Too Much Clicking

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The most obvious sign that you’re a newbie is clicking. But don’t worry; we’ve all been there. When you click spells with your mouse instead of keybindings, your reaction time is substantially slower.

Once you’ve arrived in Azeroth, the first thing you should do is map all of your spells to your keyboard (or MMO mouse). Even if it doesn’t seem like much, every little bit helps. Your recovery will be quicker. Due to greater rotation execution, your DPS will be higher. In comparison to clicking, there are no drawbacks to using keybindings.

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2. Not Setting Keybinds

Setting keybinds and using them with our left hand is one of the most effective techniques to become a much faster player. It’s critical to use the keyboard buttons with our left hand so that we may use our right for the mouse. We need to bind the powers we use the most to buttons that are easy to reach, and we’ll be considerably faster than we were before.

The key reason behind this is that after we’ve gotten used to it, we won’t think about the buttons and will simply press the correct one every time. Similarly, if we don’t set up the keybinds in the best possible way, we’ll make mistakes or act too slowly in times of necessity, and, in the worst-case scenario, we’ll become accustomed to that keyboard layout and repeat the same mistakes again and over.

Muscle memory is a funny thing, but it can be wonderful when you’re in combat with a much stronger opponent, and you win simply because you’re faster and have more skill. Of course, every beginning is challenging, but the key is to persevere, and keybinds are no exception, as they may be quite awkward once you get started.

3. Spending Time To Get Gold

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Bronze, Silver, and Gold are the three different types of currency in World of Warcraft. Players will quickly discover that obtaining their first Gold can take an absurd amount of time. However, their progress in the game makes obtaining Gold much easier than before.

Unfortunately, some players may assume they aren’t doing everything they can to gain Gold right quickly – especially if they are striving to find specified targets. Fortunately, in the endgame, players can truly stretch their leveling period to get as much Gold as possible.

4. Playing Only Raids

Raids are one of the game’s most enjoyable features. Completing these challenges also has the added benefit of providing you with some fantastic prizes. However, until reaching a certain stage in the game, you should avoid raids.

To be successful in this mode, you must join a group of people who are all dedicated to improving their heroes. If a weaker member of the party is present, the chances of slaying a boss are significantly reduced. This will also have a substantial impact on the leveling point. In that case, the ideal strategy is to concentrate solely on the game’s basic objectives and to complete the tale before reaching the maximum level. After that, you can experiment with different models to obtain legendary items.

5. Seeking Assistance From Trade Chat

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Requesting assistance from the trade chat is a huge mistake. Assuming you need to have a good time, it’s quite OK to do so. It is preferable to request anything, such as jokes, statistics, and so on. When you’re separated from everyone else and don’t have somebody to play with, you should use this aid. In this situation, you can rely on the trade chat for information to help you fight your competitors.

6. Selling Imported Items

Many players have raptor eggs and spider legs in their backpacks but have no idea what they’re for. They don’t think such things are valuable enough to maintain. So they offer them to a merchant, just like everybody else.

When they encounter a professional or an expert, though, they discover the value of such products. It isn’t a major problem because you can usually buy the necessary fixings from the Auction House to compensate for your lack of skill.

It’s just that saving them might save you a lot of money. On the other hand, by offering those items to different players, you may have cleared a road for more money. Ideally, you’ll realize your error quickly enough, and the merchant will let you repurchase it.


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These are the mistakes you should avoid if you are trying to level up in World of Warcraft. WoW is not an easy game. It requires patience and hardwork. As a beginner, our only advice to you would be that before jumping straight into the game, try to gain some knowledge about the game and its parts: expansions, zones, add-ons, levels, and etc. We hope this guide has helped you. Happy playing!