What is The Easiest Class to Play in TBC Classic for Beginners?

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Sometimes it seems that almost everyone, except infants and 90-year-old grandparents, isn’t playing the World of Warcraft game. Yes, it is that popular, yes it has such a big player and fan base, and despite some of the issues it has been having lately it is still a king of the MMORPG throne.

Most of you are familiar with this game, and since you are reading this you are probably playing it already or you are thinking about starting. Most of us that are deciding to give it a go has probably heard that it is a hard game with a steep learning curve, which is why most of us procrastinated until now.

We know that new players have a lot of issues when trying WoW for the first time which is why we decided to make this article. The intent here is to bring you, WoW classes, closer and to explain to you which one you should choose and why especially if you are a beginner. This game can somewhat be tough on the new players, but thanks to us and sites that can help you boost you can ease your way into the game.

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Now let’s get on with the article at hand, shall we, before let’s establish criteria for what counts as an easy class to opt for. First thing is that spec must be very easy to pick up and play, meaning it has a very low skill floor. Next important thing is that the class has to be naturally strong. Let’s see what we have picked out for you!


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The easiest pick out there must be the warrior class. Some of you seasoned players will argue that this class is a bit hard, and we will agree that it has a moderately high skill sealing with its abilities but this class as a whole is not only one of the strongest classes but it is also one of the easiest when it comes choosing and diving straight into a game.

The warrior class is extremely good for beginners and even if you play it and it is not at its highest level you will manage to do well with it. It follows the exact archetype you would expect in any other game which makes it predictable and somewhat familiar.

These classes are naturally very durable due to armour values that matter a lot in this game as well. Although this class is very good for the offence it helps with your defence as well because equipping it with a shield and making a defensive stance you will be a fortress. No defence cooldowns, you can disarm a melee and do spell reflects which makes this class nearly an all-rounder.


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You probably have seen already how a well-played class can dominate the entire game, and this is especially true when it comes to Rogue class. It has the potential to make super flashy plays like sapping vanishes and gouging mage’s blanks. Although popular opinions Rouge class is really easy to play especially when you take away all the classy plays we just mentioned.

What makes this class so easy and so open to newbies is that this class is your king of melee. Your rotation consists of auto-attacks and haemorrhage. Spending combo points on either expose armour or slice and dice to buff your melee swings or finishing targets with a viscera.

This class will also allow you to lock down and kill a target with a kidney or cheap shot which don’t have diminishing returns in TBC. This class also has a ton of defences like cloak and shadows against castors, evasion against melee damage dealers and vanish to simply escape everybody. There is also one other neat thing called cheat death that offers you a second life.


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Warlock class in The Burning Crusade is a fairly simple one. You manage your damage over time effects which other than emulate are all instant. You can use shadow bolts from nightfall procs or casted searing panes or even drain life to create some single target pressure.

Other than that, this class is just an incredibly durable caster, especially when compared to other casters since you don’t have to think about kitting thanks to the combo of Soul Link and Fel Armor. Mana, since you are a castor, is also a non-issue in this class mainly thanks to Life Tap.

This will ease your mind of mana management and you can focus on other things which is a huge plus for beginners. High instant damage and durability will make this class easy to tie yourself to, but you will need to do some management regarding your pet.


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Now, this class is borderline moderate but it has some things going for it that can be considered easy to learn and take in. Frost is without any doubt the most dominant mage spec, but you can also see some Palm Pyro plays early on. Mage class is all about the burst which is a perfect symphony of control, with crowd control, with huge burst damage from frost bolts into Iceland’s shatter.

This is a very strong class and similar to the warlock in some sense but its main problem is that opposite to warlocks, mages are not that durable. If any melee is on you, you are going to have a bad time, without any doubt. Where mages can sway the tides to their benefit is when they are the ones controlling the pace of the game, and this is where the moderate difficulty comes into play.

Kiting enemies, avoiding damage, landing crowd control and picking and choosing when to unload your wrath upon them is what adds a layer of difficulty to this class that most beginners can’t pick up on in the beginning. Mindlessly doing damage and not avoiding the one coming your way will cause you to lose matches so try to work on that ASAP.

So, this is it, any class up from here simply adds to the difficulty criteria and we will not consider it, at least in this article. The Mage class was probably another one that shouldn’t make it on the list but with our explanation of what to take care of, you should tame this class easy and use its benefits. No matter which class you chose we hope that you will have fun in this game like everyone else, and if you need any help feel free to ask.