New RAM Truck For Sale Chicago- History of the RAM Truck

If you’re looking for an SUV or truck for rough and rugged terrain or even for everyday use on Chicago’s streets, you’re probably already aware that RAM is one of the best car manufacturers to meet your needs. If you are looking for a new RAM Truck For Sale Chicago, this article is here to give you some information about how this great piece of automotive engineering came about, and the history of the RAM truck.

History of the RAM Truck:

To begin with, what exactly is the RAM truck brand all about?Ram Trucks, officially known as the Ram Truck Division and ornamented as RAM, is an American light weight to middle weight passenger vehicle manufacturer and a subsidiary of Stellantis, which was formerly an automobile company called Fiat Chrysler. It was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from Dodge, and it was given the name Ram Pickup. The Ram Trucks logo was first used as the Dodge logo. The previous Dodge logo was what is now, the Ram Truck logo.



The Warren Truck Plant, which is an automobile production factory in Michigan, and the Mexican branch called the Saltillo plant, which is based in Saltillo, produce the Classic Ram trucks. Sterling Heights Assembly, a plant in Michigan, produces the new sequence Ram pickups. “Guts. Glory. Ram” has been the slogan for this line of trucks, ever since formation.

Leading up to the 1970s, Dodge had a different truck car brand, known as Fargo Trucks, that was mainly used outside of the United States of America. Afterwards, all of Chrysler’s vehicles were sold together under the Dodge brand name. Ram Trucks was founded as a Chrysler subsidiary in 2010, as a spin-off from Dodge, and used the title of the Dodge Ram pickup truck series, which is now marketed under the Ram label.

Following Chrysler’s takeover by Italian car manufacturer Fiat, the Ram brand was launched, with the intention of converting Dodge to a car-only range, with all pickups and potential heavy-duty trucks sold under the Ram label. This began in 2009.In North American markets, the Fiat Ducato cargo truck approach is followed and marketed as the Ram Pro Master, bridging the gap left by Daimler’s discontinuation of the Dodge Sprinter, which occurred in 2008.

Reid Bigland, the CEO of the Ram truck group, was selected to oversee the Alfa Romeo company in North America in the year 2014, in August. Robert Hegbloom, a longstanding Chrysler employee who started working at the company in 1986 and previously served as a director for the Dodge label, was then named the next leader of the Ram Trucks product line.

Ram has a colourful history, in terms of the origin and recent scandal, which we all are aware of. Their production quality however, has remained the same. If you are planning on buying a new RAM Truck For Sale Chicago, you are probably on the right track, because the track is as right as it can get when it comes to trucks released by the Ram brand.