New Mexico LLC Taxes

What is LLC tax in New Mexico?

The LLC tax in New Mexico consists of rules of taxes applied to limited liability companies (LLCs) that operate in New Mexico, which applies to LLC owners. After forming your LLC, you are given an Employer Identification Number (EIN) by IRS that is required if planning to pay withheld taxes on your employees. It enables the New Mexico LLC entity to be recognized as a legit tax-paying company that is legalized to carry its operations. The LLC tax rate varies depending on New Mexico’s taxable net income. There are many business taxes that your New Mexico LLC will require to pay, including the taxes payable to the New Mexico government. It is also a requirement to pay for self-employment and pay federal and payroll tax to the IRS.

LLC taxes and fees include annual report and franchise tax, taxes for complete details on state taxes for New Mexico LLC, Federal Tax Identification Number for the LLC having employees, and State tax identification number.



Taxation of your New Mexico LLC

After your LLC formation New Mexico is successful, you will be required to appoint a professional who will help you meet all your local tax, and New Mexico states obligations. Also, you can do it yourself if within the state. Other taxes also require your responsibility depending on how you are taxed by the IRS, your industry, your business’s location, and whether you have employees. Some of the other taxes include local taxes, excise taxes, alternative fuel tax, boat excise tax, etc.

LLC New Mexico Sales Taxes – There is a need to collect sale tax if you sell certain types of services or physical products and proceed to pay the SC Department of Revenue. The collection of sale tax in New Mexico is at the point of purchase. They vary depending on the country, region or city. You will require to make a collection of New Mexico sales tax on certain services that your business provided and personal properties of tangible assets like books, cars, appliances, furniture and others.

Federal Taxation

Federal taxes with IRS – It is important to note that in New Mexico, sole-member LLC taxation is the same as the IRS sole proprietorships. On the other hand, multimember LLC taxation is like a partnership with the IRS. Not to forget that your LLC losses or income will pass through to your personal 1040 tax return on a Schedule C and other additional schedules determined by how you get your payment.

Federal self-employment taxes – It is a requirement for all new members or managers in all New Mexico LLC entity to pay self -employment tax. Another name of this tax is Medicare tax, FICA or Social Security tax. The application of this type of tax is dependent on all the earnings you withdraw from your New Mexico business. It will enable you to deduce your business expenses from your income as you work out how much self-employment tax you owe.