Moving home – How to pack your stuff yourself

Moving home – How to pack your stuff yourself

Welcome back to our packing series blog takeover! With the simplest tips, tricks and advice for each move, our moving companies series is here to assist you. Whether you’re moving down the road, across the country or to a completely new country, we’re here to form the simplest move of your life. This time, we’re focusing on tips and tricks for the last word DIY packing.


1 – Start early

Don’t leave it to the eleventh hour . In fact, you ought to start packing as soon as you’ve got the moving transport booked. Give yourself many time to urge the packing materials you would like  and to start out packing your things room by room.


2 – One room at a time

Take it one room at a time, performing from those you employ the smallest amount to those you would like right up until moving day. However even the foremost used rooms are often packed beforehand , just leaving out the essentials.


When packing your kitchen confirm you begin with freshly washed hands and have cleaned all the edges down. Use cloths and rubber bands to conclude kitchen knives safely, and secure fragile items and glassware with bubble wrap and packing materials.


Bathrooms should be cleared of all non-essential items, leaving out just what you would like within the run up to the move. you ought to also take the time to discard unused or out of date products or medication. Towels make great packing materials for other items within the home. And spend half empty cleaning bottles – don’t pack them. You don’t want leaks ruining other items.


3 – Declutter as you go

Nothing saves you time, stress and cash like cleaning up.within the months before, and as you pack room by room, make certain to discard unused or unwanted items. These can then be sold, gifted or donated. There’s no point pressing, moving and unloading something you don’t need or need in your new home.


4 – Label everything

Label, label, label. There’s no two ways about it – the more detail on your boxes, the better unpacking and moving are going to be . we propose labelling the space the things are going to/from also because the quite items inside. For example: ‘spare bedroom, bedding’ or ‘Kitchen, glasses’. These sorts of clear and descriptive labels will assist you or your movers place them within the correct place on arrival and you’ll easily find what you would like once there.


5 – Don’t over pack your boxes

We understand the instinct to undertake to cram in the maximum amount as possible to every moving box – it saves money on packing materials and space within the van. But do that and you run the danger of things breaking in transit, or the box breaking during the move. you’ll also find yourself with boxes too heavy to maneuver . While it’s important to utilize all the space during a moving box, be mindful to not over pack or create very heavy boxes.


6 – Place heavy things at rock bottom

This is a standard sense one, but confirm that when you’re packing up an area you place the heaviest items at rock bottom of your packing boxes. We also suggest labelling your boxes in order that anything heavy or fragile is clearly marked.


7 – Make use of what you’ve got

Don’t be tempted to ignore the things you’ve got in situ of using expensive packing materials. Things like old magazines and newspapers should be kept within the run up to the move and used as free packing . Also, blankets and towels can make excellent packing materials, wont to keep your things secure. Equally large baskets and hold-alls are often wont to store and transport items rather than packing boxes.


8 – Have a moving day box

This is where you retain all of your essentials, and where you’ll put all those ‘needed until the last-minute items’. It’s also an excellent place to stay your phone charger, purse and wallet, moving documents and other important items safe during the moving day process. We also advise popping in some snacks like biscuits or sandwiches and a few water to stay you going between meals.


For all the assistance you would like together with your next move, Local moves or Long distance Relocation, get in-tuned with us today. Get a free, no obligation moving quote, or determine about our removal services. We make moving home easy for you.


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