Modern, Mid-Century or Contemporary: What Sofa is Right for You

Finding the right sofa style can require some real soul searching. There are so many colors, styles, and materials when it comes to sofas. We may gravitate towards certain trends or style pieces, but how we classify our decorating tastes can classify us into a few different categories. Are our choices pointing us into a modern, mid-century, or contemporary style?

Mid-Century Trends

There are a few key elements that can place you in a mid-century category of decorating style and one of the big swaying motions is furniture choices. The legs of the furniture that are almost always wood with metal accents, are exposed and on display. The straight lines and functionality of the furniture are traditionally simple. They do not have or carry a lot of glam. The Groms collection offers an urban flair on the mid-century vibe. A piece that stands out to me is the Bennet Sofa. It looks like it is straight out of the Mad Men. It’s dark velvety texture mixed with the walnut exposed legs adds a bit of warmth to the luxurious domineering style it brings to the room. In contrast to the eye candy velvet sofa mixing in a simple straight lined piece like the Coyle Media Console can put a spin on clean simple lines of the two toned wood and white combination. Simple with functionality with sliding cabinet drawers that hides the media console. This particular style seems to be a fan favorite mixing old and new age textures and tones.


We seem to mix a few of the styles together, but this particular trend is a class on its own. We think of contemporary sofas as being uncomfortable and space aged, but on the contrary it is the opposite. The plush sofas like the Marina Sofa in the Groms Hamptons Collection, bares the new age modern contemporary lifestyle to a tee. With the earth tone fabric textures, it’s clean tight fabric meshes with the auburn colored legs to allow the style to collide with comfort. Mixing the lines of verticals and horizontal pieces that include the Hamptons Lockwood Sideboard sophistication with the eye appeal and dramatic geographic lines of the variety of colors in the walnut cuts. We seem to forget that simple lines can dramatically take your eye in the direction of the furniture you want to showcase without failing to combine the entire rooms’ nature.


Most people think of a modern style as a twist of fashion that absorbs the space and transforms the need to clutter and manufacture a room’s beauty. We can seem to overthink a way to bring in our desire for sophistication and eliminate comfort and function. The Groms Uptown Collection allows the simple aspect of the modern clean lines to allow a fun pop of color and art to take full stage. A formal dining room can accent a living room and be a showstopper at family gatherings or dinner parties, so why not bring in some traditional modern swagger relaxing afterwards on the Bryant Sofa. It has an attached tabletop design with imported fabrics from Italy that scream class and functionality. Before buying please get all the information by searching online and select the best one only.

Whatever our passion for decorating tends to lean towards, we can surely rely on certain lines to always have those pieces we adore and gravitate in the direction of. Modern, Mid-century, and Contemporary styles can mix well in homes where simplicity and function all have a happy meriting pot of textures, materials and form. A well decorated home takes on its own identity with comfort and design. We encourage you to embrace a side and piece that may be calling out to you and incorporate it into your home.