Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials email hosting

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You will get much more than just email hosting… like:

  • Support for large attachments
  • 1 TB of online storage via OneDrive
  • Tons of extras

Microsoft Office 365 is not just a powerful suite of productivity apps. It also offers a very powerful email package, and for less money than some providers only charge for email, which could make the service worth a spot on your shortlist.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials supports 150 MB attachments, for example, three times the size allowed, even with some premium competitors. 50 GB of storage per user (and a personalized email domain address) means that you can keep your messages for a very long time, and 1 TB of online storage is available in your OneDrive account.

Access to Office Online allows you to work with Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint documents from your browser, and there is a whole range of professional extras: calendars, online conference, intelligent search, workflow automation and more.

If you don’t already have Office 365, the Business Essentials price of $ 5 per month (for annual billing) seems to be a good value for money. If you’re only interested in business-class email, Microsoft’s Exchange Online plan 1 provides Exchange accounts for $ 4 per user per month on an annual basis.

5. Best email hosting

Offers a range of options, with a free start-up plan

Clever free plan

Integrated office suite

The gift offer is somewhat limited

Zoho Mail – now known as email hosting UK Workplace – is a hosted email service with an integrated online office suite and a stack of other extras. At the end of November 2024, Zoho introduced the offline mode which allows you to send emails without interruption.

A free plan gives you 25 mailboxes with up to 5 GB per user, a 20 MB attachment limit, and access to webmail. A sponsorship program could help you manage 25 other mailboxes (at the time of writing, the sponsorship program was not available due to remodeling).

If it’s too basic, the Standard plan gives you IMAP and POP support, 30MB attachments and 30GB of storage, 5GB of file storage space and support for working with multiple areas. It performs better than some of the premium competition, and includes the same productivity tools as the free suite, but still costs only $ 3 per user per month, billed annually.

Zoho’s professional plan gives you 100 GB of storage (per user), 40 MB of attachments, support for Active Directory groups, etc. It’s yours for $ 6 per user per month (billed annually), not bad at all for the storage space and features you get. Plus, the Lite plan is available with fewer features, but it’s only $ 1 per user per month, billed annually.

Liquid web is based in the United States and offers an attractively low price for its offer.

6. Liquid email hosting uk

Easy to install with a few neat additional features

Quality spam protection

An irresistible value

Some plans don’t work so cheap

Liquid Web is probably best known for its complete packages of managed and dedicated servers, but the company also provides an attractive email hosting service for what could be a very low price.

Note that you will need to purchase LW Premium web hosting to get their email service. They don’t sell it as a standalone service.

The basic standard plan offers POP, SMTP and IMAP access, supports 50MB attachments and gives you decent 25GB of storage space. The ability to import contacts from Gmail, Outlook and more allows you to configure quickly, spam protection is managed using premium Cloud mark technology, and you can configure custom filters and email rules as needed.

Liquid Web charges a flat fee of $ 10 per month for your account, but after that, each mailbox in the Standard plan costs only $ 1 more. If you need five or more mailboxes, this is going to be a very good value for money, especially for the high level of support offered.

The Plus plan improves service with 30 GB of cloud storage, mobile synchronization for contacts and calendars, and online editing of spreadsheets and documents. This also includes a one-time service fee of $ 10 and $ 3 per mailbox, which is potentially a very good deal if you cater to many people.

A final Microsoft Exchange plan gives you 100 GB mailboxes, ActiveSync compatibility, and Active Directory support, and even adds a free copy of Outlook.

Its price of $ 10 per month isn’t as impressive as its low-end cousins, but Liquid Web lets you include Exchange and Starter or Plus accounts in the same order. You could have 10 Starter mailboxes and two Exchange mailboxes for just $ 40 a month, for example, and that competes well with budget providers, even big names.

10 things to look for in your next email hosting

If you want to host email accounts with your website, you should check these email features before registering.

Most hosting companies offer the option of hosting your email (something like email @ Your package will include several email accounts – usually between 1 and 10 for basic email hosting uk.

You will have access to your email control panel to configure your accounts. Using email requires two things: an email server and an email application, it can be an email client like Outlook, or alternative access to Webmail like Gmail or Yahoo.

The mail server is software that runs on the server and is constantly connected to the Internet. It receives and processes any mail sent to it and sends any mail you send.

The email client is an application that runs on your PC, phone or tablet and allows you to send, receive and organize your emails, for example. Microsoft Outlook. The client searches for messages on the mail server and downloads them to view them. It is a control panel for reading and writing messages.

The good news is that most email clients can connect to most email servers, you can even connect multiple email servers to work with multiple email accounts.

Thus, your professional and personal emails are accessible from the same email client. The most popular email clients such as Outlook give you more functionality (calendars, tasks, etc.) than using webmail.

Webmail is a webmail interface accessible from a web browser that is often faster and more convenient because it accesses stored data more directly without the user having to download software locally.

Emails can be checked from any device with Internet access. Messaging protocols are a set of rules that help the client send information to or from the messaging server. POP and IMAP are two of the most common email protocols:

1. POP (Post Office Protocol) Applications like Outlook will use POP to download email from the server to your computer and then delete it from the server.

2. IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol) IMAP is more advanced than POP, with IMAP, emails are stored in the mail server and can be accessed from any client anywhere. They all use IMAP.

Mail data is kept on the server as well as on your computer until you delete the mail. When comparing hosting packages, be sure to choose one with full IMAP support.

Exchange is the standard gold messaging protocol – the most expensive option of the three, but for good reason. It is a Microsoft protocol that allows you to synchronize tasks like IMAP does, but with the additional possibility of sharing contacts and calendars between employees.

If you can afford the extra cost (around $ 9.99 per month per mailbox), you will benefit from the benefits of its advanced features and tools that can be used even when you are on the go.