A Guide to Dedicated Server

best dedicated server hosting uk

The dedicated server is the opposite of shared hosting.

In dedicated hosting, the server and all the resources will belong to you only and are therefore not shared with any other user. But do you think it’s a good solution?

Resources, configuration, and management: what are the possibilities?

In terms of resources, these are more important on a dedicated server since you do not share the bandwidth, or even the available space and the database. You can, therefore, optimize and adjust these parameters according to your needs.

Having best dedicated server hosting uk you can also access and configure its root. This is an important advantage if you are running applications and need to modify the environment.

However, all the possibilities we have just seen are not available on shared hosting.

You can only manage the most common needs of your site such as your database, e-mail accounts, the creation of sub-domains or even server analyses (in a more or less limited way).

And when are your server updates? On shared hosting, you won’t have to worry about it. Conversely, you are responsible for it on a dedicated server

The possibilities of evolution: how can your site grow?

I am sure you must have an ambition for your site and you will do everything to develop it.

But be careful with the type of accommodation you choose, because you will be limited more quickly if it is shared. Remember: you are sharing available storage, bandwidth, and the database.

This means that if the data to be stored becomes too large you will have to opt for another hosting, take one with better storage capacity. It will be the same if your number of users increases considerably. Your site may become slow, degrading the user experience.

The dedicated server is, therefore, suitable if you know that your site will grow quickly. You can manage more traffic, process more transactions and store more data while maintaining good site performance.

However, it may be up to you to increase the available space and the other parameters previously seen to accommodate an increasing number of visitors, etc. It is, therefore, necessary to have technical knowledge in the field to avoid downtime on your site.

best dedicated server hosting uk

Is security impacted?

It’s no surprise that the dedicated server is the most secure: very often, this type of hosting includes protection against DDoS attacks and blocking of IP addresses.

Securing is again not always automatic. You will have to set it up yourself or call a professional.

If security seems better on a dedicated server, this does not mean that no security is guaranteed on shared hosting.

Generally, your servers are hosted in a datacentre (or sometimes directly on site, within a company), a computer can be installed in a shared space between several companies or a private room.

Dedicated VPS server or cloud server: what is the difference with all unlimited shared hosting?

Each of our offerings, server cPanel cloud or VPS dedicated server is delivered with limited disk space quotas, vCPUs, IO, IOPS, and RAM.

So what is the difference with unlimited offers?

With a best dedicated server hosting uk VPS server or cloud server type cPanel or ISPconfig, you can use the CPU and RAM resources without time limitation and run the processes of your choice.

For example, if you want to use your CPU 100% and 24 hours a day, it’s possible! Likewise, if you want to use the RAM 24/24 at 100%, this is also possible. Your dedicated resources can, therefore, be used 100% and 24 hours a day, according to your needs! You can use your quota of disk space for whatever you want, if you want to save backups or create a mailbox that uses all the quota, then it’s possible.

All this happens because you have a server for yourself and the server does not need to control the files that you store there.

So your activity will not affect other websites either and you will be solely responsible for your use. A dedicated VPS or cloud server, therefore, offers you much more flexibility and allows you to host many more files according to your needs.

If you are on a cPanel shared hosting offer, and you feel limited, this is because your offer does not suit your needs and are not according to shared hosting requirements. We offer the migration of your site to a cPanel cloud server for free. To do this, simply contact our customer support, via the “assistance” section of your customer area.

Dedicated VPS server: Update of Debian and ISPConfig versions

Dedicated VPS server: Update of Debian and ISPConfig versions

Presentation of the ISPConfig interface

On all offers, our VPS dedicated server can provide you access to the ISPConfig 3 management interface. Thanks to this interface you can easily manage all of your actions on the server:

Create FTP users

  • Manage your email addresses
  • Manage your DNS
  • Analyze your site statistics
  • Management of your databases (MySQL and Postgre) etc.
  • ISPConfig is an intuitive interface that allows simple management, without technical knowledge, of your Linux server.

Why choose ISPConfig?

Here are the reasons why we recommend the ISPConfig interface

  • This is the best open-source interface for web hosting
  • ISPConfig gives you full control over your Linux server
  • The interface is translated into 20 languages ​​and has an intuitive web interface
  • With ISPConfig you don’t need any technical knowledge to manage your server
  • ISPConfig allows you to optimize the consumption of your resources as well as the performance of your sites

Debian 8 and ISPConfig 3 update

The new Debian 8 and ISPConfig 3 versions are now available with your Dedicated VPS Server. These new versions will bring you better security, reliability, and speed of the system.

Why choose Debian?

Here are the reasons why we recommend the Debian systemdebia

  • Very popular: Debian is the most used system by organizations and individuals
  • Lots of software available: Debian comes with a lot of free software.
  • Stability: Debian is an ultra-reliable system
  • Security: Debian and the free software community are very responsive regarding security issues.
  • Several architectures managed: Currently Debian manages an impressive number of processor architecture (alpha, amd64, armel, hppa, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, and sparc.) It also runs on GNU Hurd kernels and FreeBSD in addition to Linux.
  • The best package system: With the Dpkg package system, Debian takes care of fixing software bugs and other updates.

What are the updates for Debian Jessie 8.0 and ISPConfig

Here is the list of updates that have been made to the VPS dedicated server offers:

  • Apache v.2.4.10-10: HTTP server
  • PureFTP (pure-ftpd-mysql) v.1.0.36-3.2: For sending your FTP files
  • Postfix v.2.11.3-1: Free mail server
  • Dovecot v.1: 2.2.13-11: IMAP and POP3 server
  • Amavis v.1: 2.10.1-1: Allows email filtering
  • Spamassassin v.3.4.0-6: This is anti-spam software
  • Clamav v.0.98.7 + dfsg-0 + deb8u1: anti-virus
  • Mysql-server v.5.5.43-0 + deb8u1
  • Bind9 v.1: 9.9.5.dfsg-9: For the management of its DNS servers
  • Openssh-Server v.1: 6.7p1-5: For secure connections
  • Fail2ban v.0.8.13-1: Protection against Brute Force attacks
  • Rkhunter v.1.4.2-0.4: Detects system faults
  • PHP has also been updated, here are the versions available: PHP 5.6.9, PHP 5.5.7 and PHP 5.4.41 you will have no compatibility problems!