Tapioca Starch Market is Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion 2024 to 2030

Global Tapioca Starch market: Overview

Tapioca refers to a gluten-free starch that is derived from the root of cassava. Tapioca starch is utilized as a thickening agent in both savory and sweet dishes. Tapioca comes with strong gelling powder and a neutral flavor. The strong gelling power makes it effective thickening agent in savory and sweet food items, which is likely to spell growth for the global tapioca starch market over the tenure of assessment, from 2024 to 2030.

Tapioca starch can be procured in two different forms, instant flakes and flour. The starch is opaque in appearance before cooking, however it turns translucent once hydrated. Next to rice and maize, Tapioca starch has gathered huge popularity as an important source of calorie in the countries of Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America. Ability of cassava plants to produce larger yields and broad agro-ecological adaptability of the starch are likely to play an important role in driving the demand for tapioca starch. In addition, the investment is quite affordable for the producers, which is likely to augur well for the market in the times of come.

Product type, application, and region are the three important parameters based on which the global tapioca starch market has been classified. Such detailed analysis of the market comes with the sole purpose to provide stakeholders with a detailed and clear analysis of the global tapioca starch market.

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Global Tapioca Starch market: Notable Developments

One of the important market developments that give a quick view of the dynamics pertaining to the global tapioca starch market is mentioned as below:

  • In March 2017, US-based Ingredion Inc made an acquisition of the rice flour and rice starch business of Thailand-based Sun Flour Industry Co. Ltd. With four manufacturing units in Thailand, Ingredion has expanded its customer base in Asia Pacific.

Some of the prominent organizations in the global tapioca starch market comprise the below-mentioned:

  • Quality Starch Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd
  • National Starch Chemical (Thailand) Limited
  • American Key Food Products (AKFP)
  • Ciranda, Inc.
  • Authentic Foods, Inc
  • Ingredion Incorporated

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Global Tapioca Starch Market: Key Trends

The global tapioca starch market is marked with the presence of the following restraints, drivers, and opportunities.

Increased Demand from Various End Use Sectors to Fuel Market Growth

Tapioca starch is used in a wide range of applications, ranging from animal feed business to food and beverage, which is likely to play an important role in the expansion of the global tapioca starch market over the tenure of assessment, from 2024 to 2030.

The growth of the global tapioca starch market is primarily driven by its various applications. The product is widely utilized as a stabilizing and thickening agent. High carbohydrate content in the starch and prevention from various food allergies is estimated to support expansion of the global tapioca starch market in the years to come. Besides, tapioca starch plays an important role in maintaining the level of blood sugar and in diminishing the level of cholesterol. In addition, a rise in per capita income is expected to fuel increased sale of the product.

Tapioca starch has increasingly witnessed its use as a bodying agent in a wide range of infant nutritional supplements and baby food products available commercially. Organic, gluten-free tapioca has experienced high demand from people suffering from celiac disease. Furthermore, as more women join the workforce, the demand for infant formulas is bound is rise, which is likely to widen the scope of the growth of the global tapioca starch market over the period of assessment, from 2024 to 2030.

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Global Tapioca Starch market: Geographical Analysis

Asia Pacific is likely to emerge as one of the dominating regions in the global tapioca starch market and the region is expected to continue with its regional dominance throughout the tenure of assessment. Countries like Thailand, India, Indonesia, and China where the use of tapioca starch is high is likely to remain at the forefront of the growth of the market in Asia Pacific.