Methyl Ester Sulfonate Market to clock US$1,155.0 mn by 2025

Global Methyl Ester Sulfonate Market: Snapshot

In the recent past, methyl ester sulfonate has emerged as a strong substitute for conventional fossil-based surfactant such as linear alkyl benzene sulphonates (LAS). Manufactured by sulfonation of saturated fatty acid methyl esters, the cost of this chemical compound with the general structure of RCH(CO2Me)SO3Na is considerably lower than that of any other sulfactant. Consequently the market for the same is flourishing. According to this business and commerce study, the demand in the global methyl ester sulfonate market will expand at an impressive CAGR of 11.0% during the forecast period of 2017 to 2025. As far as revenue is concerned, the analysts of the report have evaluated that the opportunities in the global methyl ester sulfonate market constituted for US$454.8 mn in 2016. The worth of the global market for methyl ester sulfonate market is projected to reach up to US$1,155.0 mn by 2025.

Growing demand for sustainable and biodegradable products, easy availability of raw materials, and low cost of the compound are some of the key factors driving the demand in the global methyl ester sulfonate market, replacing LAS. On the back of global warming concerns, a number of governments are promoting the methods that help in reducing carbon footprint, which is expected to reflect positively over this market.

global methyl ester sulfonate market

Detergents and Personal Care Key Application Segments

Application-wise, the methyl ester sulfonate market is segmented into detergents, personal care, dish wash, and others. The others segment includes emulsifier agent for the plastic industry, dyeing agent, pigment, release agent of rubber product, wetting agent, dye of the printing and dyeing industry, and dispersant of agricultural chemicals.

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Out of all these segments, the methyl ester sulfonate market is primarily gaining demand as the formation detergents. Detergents segment is anticipated to remain attractive throughout the forecast period due to the increase in demand for household cleaning products including dish washing and washing laundry. By the end of 2025, the detergent application segment of the global methyl ester sulfonate market is estimated to provide 68.9% of the total demand. Powder detergents are mostly used by the developing regions for washing purposes and the cleaning applications while the liquid detergents utilize the liquid detergents for the laundry purposes. Personal care products include the soaps, hair care, and others segment. MES is used in for the manufacturing of soaps and detergents because it has good calcium tolerance, and thus, greater detergency and less sensitivity to water hardness than other anionic surfactants.


Europe to Sustain its Position as Most Lucrative Region until 2025

Europe is a key region for the vendors operating in the methyl ester sulfonate market, providing for more than 35% of the overall demand as of 2016. Within Europe, Germany has been identified as the most lucrative country-wide market, which was a result of strong demand from the personal care industry. Europe is followed by North America as the most lucrative region, with the U.S. providing for nearly three quarters of the total demand. On the other hand, with its emerging economies and quickly growing manufacturing facilities, Asia Pacific is primed to progress as another profitable region in the years to come. The Asia Pacific has the highest cultivation of the palm oil as a region, which is the raw material for the synthesis of the methyl ester sulfonate. This, in turn, triggers the market of the methyl ester sulfonate in the Asia Pacific region.

KLK OLEO, Stephan Company, Lion Corporation, Chemithon Corporation, Wilmar International Ltd., Guangzhou Keylink Chemical Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Lonkey Industrial Co Ltd., Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and K2 Industries are some of the key companies in the global methyl ester sulfonate market.