Meet Kenzie Burke, an LA-based Wellness Advocate and Influencer

Kenzie Burke, an LA based wellness advocate, is a young woman striving to discover her true health and the lifestyle choices that best support her – both physically and mentally. Kenzie was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease at age 14, and after becoming really sick while working long hours, she realized she needed to make a huge change in how she was living her life. She began with a lot of reading and personal research and discovered that through a certain exercise regiment and the foods she ate she could dramatically relieve the physical and mental pains she was experiencing.

She then enrolled in an intensive program through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition in Holistic Nutrition, and it was through this program and her own self-discoveries that she learned that aligning body image with whole health motivated her to not only heal, but to thrive. Kenzie developed a passion and expertise in food combining– eating specific foods together for optimal digestion and health.  Simply put, food combining is a method of achieving optimal digestion by eating foods that are best eaten together and avoiding certain food combinations. Eating different food combinations that are not “digestively” compatible can negatively impact our body’s ability to break down & properly digest foods. Kenzie goes on: “The average person will consume 25 to 50 tons of food in his or her lifetime. This is a lot of food that will pass through our system which ultimately uses A LOT of energy. This is energy your body is using just to aide digestion & if freed up could be used in other areas. Energy is a key factor in our ability to shed weight easily & permanently. Energy regenerates our liver & tissue cells, removes toxic waste from the body, maintains our ideal weight, keeps our skin healthy, hair vibrant, & the list goes on. The more energy we have, the better we look and feel and when you feel good on the inside it radiates on the outside.”

Kenzie swears by this practice and has gotten a lot of attention for what she promotes.  Not only has Kenzie healed herself but she has taken over the health and wellness industry. Kenzie released her wildly successful 21 Day Reset e-book in Spring 2019, to help her audience discover how changing one’s mindset and lifestyle choices around food, movement and self-care has the power of healing and health that can last a lifetime. 1000’s and 1000’s of women of all ages have done her 21 day reset where Kenzie encourages women to take their health into their own hands, fuel their body in a way that makes them FEEL good and change the way they show up and live their life. 



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