Meet Faiyaz Ahmed Khan, Successful Entrepreneur

Meet Faiyaz Ahmed Khan, Successful Entrepreneur
Meet Faiyaz Ahmed Khan, Successful Entrepreneur

Faiyaz Ahmed is not just a CEO for the sake of being one. He is basically a combination of a lot of different things, being skilled in the field of finance, social work as well as management. He himself has gone through a lot of hardships in life and his age and experience form a crucial factor in Mighty Warners’ staggering success and ability to perform in any given situation. The journey to establishing Mighty Warners was not an easy one. 

Faiyaz Ahmed Khan had initially started out with his career while he was working in his father’s electronic factory. The work was slightly different and he had to develop biochemical safety products. Salim Kumar had founded Selco Electronics in 1991, which dealt with the manufacturing of biochemical safety products. Although work was quite different from what Faiyaz Ahmed had in mind for his future, it gave him an idea about how to navigate through all possible difficulties and setbacks. 

His determination to create a name for himself also stemmed from his father, as he would observe him, struggling day and night just to make it big.  Soon enough in 2012, after procuring the academic intelligence required, he joined his father’s company as an engineer. But for a man like Faiyaz Ahmed, his heart wouldn’t let him rest till he was his own boss.  Soon he started to make his own individual establishment and transfer to Mumbai. 

Here, he was working on business development and after that, he went back to Hyderabad to spend some time in his father’s factory. This year is very vital for him because it had changed the course of his career. He soon started to think about the direction in which he would actually enjoy the work. In the consecutive years, he moved to Pune and then to Bangalore technology park in 2015.

Their motto as a company is to provide quality services and to attack every new challenge with gusto and fervour so as to be the best at the game. Over the years, their perseverance and client-driven approach has made them quite popular in the industry. Through word of mouth and consistent results, the company has not only received a lot of high-profile corporate partners, but also a lot of top technologists. 

Although they could very well be self-employed, the exposure they get by working with a leading company like Mighty Warners is an undeniable perk. The staff at Might Warners are experts in the fields of networking, corporeal management, application development, database administration and social media marketing to name only a few. So, anyone who wants to partner with Mighty Warners can rest assured of both the quality of perfection as well as the hospitality exhibited by them.

Moreover, Mighty warner has a strong partner ecosystem of like-minded companies, which are working on various software solutions which further strengthens the scalability and adaptability of the cloud solutions.  Right now, they are making waves in the industry with their latest line-up of services which include Pay Pet Click Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, and so on. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.