Medigap Plan G vs. Medigap Plan N- Check Out Which One Is Better!

Due to the vast number of medicare supplement plans, it is very challenging to choose one out of all. But here, I will help you make your decision process a little easy by comparing medicare supplement plan G and Medicare Plan N. there are various factors you will get to know when choosing a Medigap plan G or plan N. but first, let’s talk about Medigap plan.

What are Medigap Plans?

Medigap is the extra health plan that you purchase from the private insurance company in order to pay health care costs. These costs are not covered under original Medicare, copayments, deductibles, coinsurance, and health care, but Medigap plans can help you cover all. However, Medigap policies do not cover vision, dental, hearing aids, and eyeglasses.

In addition, a Medigap policy covers only a single person. Finally, you have to pay monthly premiums when you enroll in a Medigap policy. Now let’s talk about Medigap plan G and Medicare Plan N.

Everyday things between plan G and plan N:

There are various similarities between plan G and plan N. even they have more alikeness than differences. Many people consider them to be the two best medicare supplement plans. Look below for the list of similarities between plan G and plan N.

  • Both plans cover medicare part A deductibles.
  • They do not cover the part B deductibles according to the latest changes made in Medigap policy.
  • The service coverage like hospitalization, skilled nursing care facility, blood, hospice care, foreign travel, etc., is covered under both plans.
  • It is a must that an application goes through medical underwriting unless you are buying an open enrollment or having a guaranteed issue situation.
  • Now it’s time to talk about the differences between Medicare supplement Plan G and Medicare Plan N.

Difference Between plan G and plan N:

Plan G has-

  • It does cover No part B doctors and outpatient copayments.
  • Also, it does not cover emergency room copayments.
  • Plan G does not cover the part B excess charges. The excess charges are the difference between Medicare approve payment amounts for services and the amount your health care provider charges.

Plan N has-

  • It covers the part B doctors and outpatient copayments of upto $20 per visit to the doctor’s office.
  • They also cover part B copayments upto $50 per emergency room visit. However, if you are admitted to the hospital, then this copayment will be abandoned.
  • Moreover, part B excess charges upto 15% are also covered under Medicare Plan N.

Which plan is best for you?

It is up to you to decide which plan is better. For example, if you visit a doctor regularly and prefer not to have a budget for copayments, then I would suggest you choose medicare supplement plan G. In contrast, Medicare Plan N would be a good fit for you if you want to save money on premiums as a plan N have less monthly premium charges than plan G.