Matcha Market Insights by Size, Status and Forecast 2028

Global Matcha Market: Overview

The demand within the global market for matcha has been rising on account of the popularity of this hot beverage across Japan and in some parts of China. The exotic preparation styles and the aromatic appeal of matcha have been the key reasons behind adoption of matcha in the food and beverages industry of several non-native regions and countries.

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The preparation of matcha involves the use of shade-ground tea leaves known as tencha, and these half-finished leaves are grinded to powdered by granite stone mills. Until a few decades ago, mactha was a regional beverage that was barely known to people outside of Japan. However, owing to the skyrocketing pace taken by food tourism, matcha has become a recognised form of tea across several Asian countries.

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Furthemore, the preparation styles of matcha have also evolved over the years, and several sub-forms of this tea have gained traction across the world. Owing to the aforementioned factors, the demand within the global market for matcha has risen at a robust pace in recent times.


The global market for matcha may be segmented on the basis of the following parameters: production technology, application, and region. Due to the distinctness of the global market for matcha as against other mainstream markets, it is essential to understand the aforementioned segmentation.

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A report added by Transparency Market Research (TMR) on the global market for matcha elucidates a number of dynamics that have aided market growth in recent times. The report is an exhaustive description of the trends and opportunities that have housed in this market over the past few years. Moreover, projections and predictions with regards to the global matcha market have also been elucidated in the report.

Global Matcha Market: Trends and Opportunities

The demand within the global matcha market has been increasing at a robust rate on account of advancements in the worldwide food and beverages industry. Besides this, the use of matcha leaves in the food and beverages industry has also played a major role in the growth of the global market for matcha in recent times. The preference of the masses for exotic beverages is another key propensity that is expected to take the growth graph of the global matcha market to new heights. Personal care products have gained traction from a a large population, and hence, the availability of matcha-based face creams and gels shall aid market growth.

Global Matcha Market: Market Potential

The demand for steamed matcha leaves has witnessed an upsurge in recent times, majorly due to the taste and exotic appeal of tea prepared from these leaves. Furthermore, the availability of matcha leaves in packaged forms under multiple brand names also offers commendable growth opportunities within the global matcha market. It is prognosticated that the use of matcha leaves for ceremonial purposes across several regional pockets shall also bring in key revenues into the global matcha market.

Global Matcha Market: Regional Dynamics

The demand for matcha market in Asia Pacific has been rising on account of the popularity of matcha tea across Japan and some parts of China. Furthermore, the abundance of matcha tea leaves in Japan has also given a boost to the demand within the market for matcha in Asia Pacific. Duer to the health benefits served by matcha tea, the demand for Matcha has been rising across European countries such as France, Spain, and Italy.

Global Matcha Market: Competitive Landscape

Some of the key players in the global market for matcha are Aoi Tea Company, Vivid Vitality, Encha, Ippodo Tea, and AIYA.