How to Make Paper in Minecraft : Step By Step Guide

Learning how to make paper in Minecraft is a prerequisite to making other materials. Crafting books and maps, for example, requires papers. Besides, a paper is one important and basic items you can have in your inventory.

Then how do you get them? Well, you can get papers either from stronghold library chests or shipwreck chests if you are lucky. But as you know, we’re not big on luck. So let’s make paper from scratch. And this post will explain how to do that.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft:

To make paper, you’ll need two ingredients: a crafting table and 3 x sugarcane.

Make a Crafting Table:

If you don’t have a crafting table, make one because you can’t create other tools or items without it. To make a crafting table, follow the next steps.

  1. Get one wood to make four Wood Planks

Look around and find a tree. While facing the tree, hold down the left mouse button (PC) or the left Bumper button (Xbox) to punch it. If you’re using Minecraft Pocket Edition, tap the trunk with your finger instead. Punching the tree will fetch you some wood.

  1. Open Inventory

Press the X button (Xbox), E key (PC), or the three horizontal dots icon (PE) to open your inventory. Here you can see all your items. Now find four empty boxes grouped together with an arrow, in front of the grid, pointing towards an empty box. That’s your initial Crafting Grid.

  1. Convert Your Wood

Now let’s convert the wood you’ve acquired earlier into planks. To do this, click the wood (PC), scroll to it using RB and LB buttons (Xbox), or simply tap it (PE) and place it on one of the slots.

  1. Unlock Your Crafting Table

From the standalone box, take and place 1 wood plank on each of the four boxes. After doing this, then you have a crafting table.

  1. Place the Table on the Ground

The final step is to place the crafting table on the ground. To do this, press the Left Trigger button on your Xbox controller or right-click on PC. Your table is now ready to make a paper.

Note: If you already have a crafting table, skip the above steps.

Now with your crafting table, next is to find 3 pieces of sugarcane. This is the second and lasting redient needed for crafting a paper.

Sugarcanes look like sticks growing out of the ground or appear as a cluster of tall bamboo or reeds. And you can find them near areas with natural water. When you found some, collect 3 pieces the same way you gathered woods.

Craft Paper:

Open the crafting table by pressing the X button on your controller or making a right-click (PC). Now arrange the 3 sugarcanes in a row. In other words, place them side by side in a horizontal line. This step will create 3 pieces of paper, which you can find in the box next to the grid. Congratulations as you have made papers.

Make Use of Your Paper:

Earlier mentioned, papers are essential items required for crafting books and maps. Not only that, but you can also trade papers with librarian villagers for emeralds and in turn use the emeralds to purchase saddles, which is another useful item in Minecraft

That’s how to make paper in Minecraft. If you found this post helpful, others might too. Therefore, kindly use one of the social share buttons below to tell friends. And if you have any questions or feedback, please drop them down below.