Loop filters play an important role in removing any sort of unwanted components with high frequency which might pass out of the phase detector and appear in the voltage controlled oscillator tune line. They would then appear as spurious signals on the output of the VCO. Moreover, the loop filters also helps the VCO to change its frequency fast as required in operations. Furthermore, the loop filter primarily provides the stability of the loop. The design of the filter is very important for the whole system. If it the design of the filter is not right then oscillations may build up around the loop, and the large signals will appear on the tune line. Consequences of that are the Voltage Controlled Oscillator will primarily be forced to sweep over large bands of frequencies. The application of loop filets with proper designs will primarily prevent this kind of hazardous situation. The loop filters market is segmented into by type which includes passive loop filter and active loop filter (Type A and Type B). The loop filters market has been segmented into by application which includes aerospace & defense, telecommunication, research among others. The market for loop filters has been segmented geographically into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America and Middle East and Africa.

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Growing usage of smartphone and other gadgets is increasing the demand for loop filets globally. Increasing application of frequency synthesizer is another major demand booster for the loop filters market globally. Growing application of loop filters in military and aerospace along with research field is another major driver for the loop filters market across different regions globally. Radio frequency capable chips and CIS applications across telecommunication field is also considered as one of the key demand stimulating factor for the loop filters market globally. Increasing demand for cost effective components to supply sufficient voltage to operate the VCO tuning voltage is also fueling the market for loop filters globally. Furthermore, features like lowest noise and requirement of least board space are some of the key points which are behind the increasing application of passive loop filters different fields. Type A active loop filters allows the charge pump voltage to be fixed in the application for better and improved spur performance and reduces the requirements for input rails for the OP AMP used. In case of Type B active loop filter a simple gain stage is placed before the VCO. It has the added benefit of providing isolation in the loop filter. For instance, the capacitor next to the VCO can be chosen larger, to reduce the impact of the VCO input capacitance. These technical features and application convenience is also another major driving factor for the market. Design complexities and lack of product quality are some of the major restraints for the market which may hinder the growth of the market over the forecast period. With the growing research activities in the application of loop filters in measuring equipment is one of the major opportunities for the market.

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In 2016, North America is leading the market for loop filters in terms of revenue, followed by Asia Pacific and Europe globally. The U.S. contributed largest share for the loop filters market, followed by Canada and Mexico across North America. China is leading the market owing to its technological advancement in the field of loop filets, followed by India, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan among others. Germany, the U.K., Italy and France contributed prominent shares in the loop filters market in terms of revenue across Europe. The U.A.E, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina among others are dominating the market for loop filters across Middle East and Africa and South America. Increasing advancement in the telecommunication sector is one of the major factors behind the growing application loop filter across Middle East and South America.

Analog Devices, Inc. (The U.S.), National Instruments Corporation (The U.S.), Qorvo Inc. (The U.S.) is some of the leading players operating in the loop filters market globally.

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