Linear Position Sensors Market : A Competitive Landscape And Professional Industry Survey

Linear position sensors are linear variable differential transformers used for measuring as well as sensing linear displacement in a number of applications, including electronic devices. The measurement thus gathered is converted into an analog or digital signal. The position can be then decoded by a motion controller or a digital readout. With change in the position of the device over time, motion can be determined. Linear position sensors find vast usage in industrial applications such as machine tools, material handling, test equipment, and motion systems. These sensors also play a key role several parts of advanced and high-tech vehicles.

The report presents a detailed account of the overall past and present growth dynamics of the market and gives detailed insights into the future growth prospects of the market. The report also presents an account of aspects such as the regulatory scenario governing several business decisions associated with the market, the factors that could affect the market significantly, and the competitive scenario of the vendor landscape.

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Global Linear Position Sensor Market: Trends and Opportunities

The report states that the vast rise in demand for process automation across a number of industrial setups, the vast rise in availability of technologically advanced linear position sensor technologies, and a rising set of applications are key to the promising future of the market. The market is also expected to benefit from the vast rise in research activities associated with linear position sensor technologies, a steady rise in the number of semiconductor devices manufacturing units in developing economies, and a thriving automotive industry globally.

The rising demand for automotive electronic control systems (ECS) owing to their added impact on the convenience and safety of the driver and the rising usage of linear position sensors in the field of industrial robotics are also expected to spell growth for the market in the next few years. It is estimated that certain factors, including price erosion of raw materials and components and the cyclical nature of the semiconductor industry, could emerge as roadblocks for the market, restraining its growth to a certain extent.

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Global Linear Position Sensor Market: Geographical Competitive Dynamics

Geographically, the market for linear position sensor in Asia Pacific accounted for the dominant share in the global market in terms of revenue contribution, trailed by the markets in North America and Europe. The well-established semiconductor manufacturing industry in Asia Pacific has helped the linear position sensor market gain traction and expand at an impressive pace in the past few years. The region is likely to continue its bullish run when it comes to the linear position sensor market in the next few years as well.

Factors such as increased focus on process automation across the industrial sector and vehicle electrification have boosted the demand for linear position sensors in North America in the recent years. In Europe, countries such as the U.K., Germany, France, and Italy are the leading markets for linear position sensors.

Global Linear Position Sensor Market: Competitive Dynamics

The report presents a thorough analytical account of the vendor landscape of the global linear position sensor market. The report covers the detailed business profiles of companies such as Keyence Corporation (Japan), Honeywell International Inc. (The U.S.), Omron Corporation (Japan), TE Connectivity Ltd (Switzerland), Hans Turck GMBH CO.KG. (Germany), Sick AG (Germany), MTS Systems Corporation (The U.S.), Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (The U.S.), The Emerson Electric Company (The U.S.), and National Instruments Corporation (The U.S.).

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