Living the Heritage- Sadakat Aman Khan

What really does history teaches us? More than anything, the roots of culture, surely, so that we find some reason to stay close to the beautiful bounties of life, reverberating across time.

And who really felt the culture this close, at home infact, but Sadakat Aman Khan, the young Harmonium prodigy, who toured the world showcasing the talent, and letting his audience from all walks of life, dip into the aesthetics of music.

Influenced by his own family, Sadakat was tutored first under his grandfather, Late Yunus Khan and then by his father, Ustad Sahadat Rana Khan. This allowed him to experience life through music, a lens that brings forth emotions, and strive to make the audience find solace within the melody.

It was more of an urge than compulsion, that made Sadakat enter the world of music, and practice it on a regular basis until he actually found himself performing in front of thousands. Slowly it seeped within and talent that was asking for its due brush up, took him to heights, scaling with strength, perseverance, hope and practice. But the journey passed to much highs and lows.

Sadakat chose to pursue Bachelors Degree in Engineering, early in his career, from KIIT-DU. It was herein he found several peers from across the country- the legacy carried with the burden of books for some, for others the platform allowed them to explore latent talents. Sadakat followed his passion to establish for himself a popular aura to stand alone, away from the crowd, through the platform, the University had to offer. He made his way through hard work, dedication through the hours post academics, and practice against the odds of time. Slowly the maestro found his audience to enthrall and feel the music course through their body.

Years afterwards, as Sadakat looks behind, the chase is on- the chase to live a dream carefully weaved, a tryst made with destiny, behind closed doors and under open air, as his magic goes on, for some thoughts need no word but expression through art, the art of life, the art of music…

And it stays with the artist and beyond. For the magic of times, the work done, the efforts unleased, are remembered for years to come, and pass.

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