Living like the Jetsons

Best Smart Home Appliances 2022

The Jetsons, premiered as the first colored show of ABC-TV in the fall of 1962, was a breath of fresh air teleported from the future and Americans keenly watched it to grasp the concept of the new world. Hanna-Barbera created this jelly-colored futuristic cartoon family, which without a doubt, acted as a time travel for all of the viewers. Just like The Flintstones was set up in the Stone Age, The Jetsons takes place in 2062 and technology is on its ultimate high.

Growth is exponential. Borrowing the words of Peter Diamandis, entrepreneur, ‘we are living in an age of abundance’. 2022 is about to end and whilst this year has put us through a global pandemic, it has also made it clear that humans are running for the future and there is no stopping it.

Is today’s technology inspired by ‘The Jetsons’?

The lifelong question of ‘does art imitate life or life imitate art’ is rather befitting here. While we cannot answer it certainly, we do know that it’s a mixture of both. Today’s entrepreneurs have created the basis for Jetsons’ lifestyle, perhaps subconsciously or maybe the cartoon predicted the future of technology accurately just like The Simpsons have predicted some bizarre and uncanny political and social occurrences.

Do you remember the Jetson Family’s robotic maid, Rosie? If you do, then you would certainly find Sophia, the first-ever robotic citizen, a bit familiar. Although Sophia’s first expression of destroying humans was not very helpful, she has developed feelings of harmony now, or at least that is what we hope. Video chatting, seemingly a far-fetched idea is integrated perfectly in our life now especially the events of 2022 leading to us introducing a new corporate model of work-from-home has further blended Video conferencing in our routines.

Just like George and Jane could talk to their house, we have assembled a new era of tech with the idea of smart homes with every appliance connected and communicating with each other and working on our voice commands. Although Siri and Alexa cannot prepare food or deliver it through high-speed tubes as yet, they can certainly get it from Uber Eats. Unmanned drones flying through the air on command are close to those flying robots taking care of everyday business for The Jetsons.

While we still have four decades to make the Jetson’s reality ours, we have laid a solid base for it, even today. The smart home is an ultra-futuristic concept that has gripped reality in 2022; everything from lights to clocks, cooking utensils to cameras, doorbells to speakers is now ‘smart’ and can be controlled by our voice commands. Taking into consideration the amount of tech success we have seen, it is possible that by the year 2062, The Jetsons would rather seem like The Flintstones.

With our growing obsession with making everything ‘smart’, the internet is becoming the most important resource for home automation. For tech and smart home enthusiasts, it is of utmost importance that their internet service provider is reliable and provides a fast internet connection like Spectrum. Spectrum offers lightning-fast internet speeds at affordable rates and a no-contract policy, you can click here to explore spectrum packages.

Best Smart Home Appliances 2022

Although we are yet to reach the level of technology optimization in Orbit City, we have formulated a list of the best smart home appliances for you to make your life easier than ever.

Google Nest Hello

Best Video Doorbell

With the help of Nest Hello, you can see the person at your door. Furthermore, you get to control the facial recognition list of the people coming to your door and you would get alarmed when your tagged visitors would come. It has a built-in feature allowing it to save three hours’ worth of videos for free.

Ecobee SmartThermostat

Best Smart Thermostat

This smart thermostat helps you maintain your home’s air-conditioning and heating routines through an app or your voice commands. It can also read the room temperature and adjust it, all by itself.

Google Nest Mini & Google Nest Hub

Best Smart Speaker

Google has outsmarted itself with Nest Mini and the audio quality is enhanced greatly with the oomph factor. To control the volume naturally, it has a presence detection chip installed within the body. Having this said, the best feature is its embedded machine learning chip that will help the smart device to learn your most frequent voice commands.

Best Smart Display

Additional to the display, Nest Hub is incorporated with all Google Assistant features. You are able to see your voice commands on the display. Moreover, it works well with smart home cameras and Google-supported visual doorbells like Nest Hello.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Best Smart Lock

This smart lock is supported by the internet and gives you the ease of locking everything at the push of a button from anywhere. It is compatible with Alexa, Apple, and Google voice command systems.

TP-Link’s Kasa Mini

Best Smart Plug

Providing a single outlet that connects your entire network through the internet is what makes TP-Link’s Kasa Mini so special. The application connected to it allows you to control your plug through anywhere. It is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa and so you can schedule your plus’s on and off.

Philips Hue LED

Best Smart Light Bulbs

Philips provides a variety of smart lights that can connect with Google, Amazon, and Apple’s voice assistants. Although the company provides color-changing bulbs, standard white lights never go out of fashion.

Wyza Cam v3

Best Home Security Camera

Aiding you with 14-day free video storage, Wyze Cam v3 is an extraordinarily smart home security camera. It has an in-built slot for a micro SD card. The smart camera’s supplementary features are two way talking, night vision, compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, and live HD streaming.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

Best Outdoor Floodlight Camera

Arlo Pro 3 presents top-notch features including long-lasting battery life, high-quality hardware, HD video stream, and supports Alexa, Apple, and Google Assistant. With the connected app, you can brighten or dim the lights with convenience.