How Do You Play Griddlers? Basic Guide

Griddlers are a cross between Minesweeper and Sudoku. These picture logic puzzles with different time limits and levels include cells inside a grid that you must color or leave blank, according to the numbers alongside the grid to produce a hidden image. Anyone can find this game challenging and enjoyable. The most important thing is to know how to play the game.

Here’s a simple guide on how to play griddlers:

  1. Don’t Skip The Tutorial

The tutorial is the most important part as it will guide you to start the puzzle, explain to you how the hints and icons work, and lead you to complete the puzzle.

  1. Get The Concept Of Completing A Puzzle

For instance, if you have a 5×5 board, get a glimpse at the numbers on top of the grid and at the side. Those numbers you see indicate the squares that you need to fill in. The single numbers stand for the number of consecutive blocks you need to fill in. The columns and rows with zeros are the easiest to finish. It would be safer with a 5×5 board if you filled in all the five squares first in the corresponding direction.

Double numbers, on the other hand, represent the blocks that have already been filled in. From the first number, leave at least a single space blank and fill in the squares that follow while referencing the second number.

  1. Use The ‘X’ Icon

The ‘X’ marks help you to gauge whether you can complete a spot on the board or not. Tapping the ‘X’ icon will allow you to place an X in a box where filling it in is impossible. That will help you to get rid of squares easily, especially when there are zeros in play. After you get to place an ‘X’ on the board, ensure you tap the ‘Pen’ icon.

  1. Follow The Rules Of Numbers

Start with the larger numbers and then fill the lower numbers. After that, check the rows or columns to see if the numbers are filled appropriately.

  1. Use The Finished Columns And Rows To Complete The Puzzle

The image on the right side will guide you to fill the four consecutive squares. Therefore, it would be appropriate if you first filled in the third box downwards to complete the column. The third column only requires you to fill in one square while leaving one space blank, followed by two other consecutive squares. You’ll realize that you had already accomplished this when the three rows were filled in.

  1. Test The Different Levels Of The Game

The game also has other levels or modes that you can play. These modes come with certain time records and limits that can give you a great challenge. The three types of modes in this game include the easy mode, the normal mode, and the free mode.

Bottom Line

Knowing how to play griddlers only requires you to know a few simple steps that have been listed above to jumpstart you. These steps will help you to unravel the hidden picture while using your creativity and logic as you play.