Pharmaceutical Solvent Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2019 – 2027

Global Pharmaceutical Solvent Market: Overview

Solvents are chemical substances used in the drug manufacturing process. Solvents act as a reaction medium and are used in the purification and extraction process. They have the ability to extract a specific material without chemically altering the other materials. They find numerous applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Owing to these factors, the global pharmaceutical solvent market is expected to grow exponentially during the forecast period.

Global Pharmaceutical Solvent Market: Notable Developments

Below are a few notable developments in the global pharmaceutical solvent market:

  • Development of the AKVANO technology based on water-free solvent has provided a new growth platform for the global pharmaceutical solvent market. This technology has created new possibilities for the effective treatment of several dermatological diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. It uses a mixture of lipid components and water-free solvent which is applied on the skin. The solvent slowly evaporates after the application, leaving the lipids on the skin. The direct deposition of lipid speeds up the treatment and the recovery process.
  • The “green chemistry” initiative pertaining to the use of green materials and chemicals for drug manufacturing has scaled up the global pharmaceutical solvent market. This initiative focuses on the use of green solvents so as to mitigate the lurking environmental threats. This has led to the development and production of new green solvents, thereby propelling the pharmaceutical solvent market.

Prominent industries in the global pharmaceutical solvent market comprise Avantor Performance Materials, The Dow Chemical Company, Clariant, BASF SE, Sigma-Aldrich Company LLC, and Honeywell International Inc.

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Global Pharmaceutical Solvent Market: Key Growth Dynamics

Alcoholic solvents are used in numerous major pharmaceutical drugs such as glycol, isopropanol, and ethanol. Consequently, a booming pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has highly driven the global pharmaceutical solvent market’s growth. Additionally, an increasing awareness regarding healthcare products has contributed to the pharmaceutical solvent market’s expansion.

An increasing disposable income in the developed economies such as the U.S. has amplified the expenditure on the medical products, thereby propelling the pharmaceutical solvent market’s growth. Additionally, a surging medicine manufacturing industry has expedited the pharmaceutical solvent market’s growth. The presence of several Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturers have further contributed to the market’s progression.

Further, the pharmaceutical solvent market has gained traction because of the development of new drug manufacturing methods and technologies. In addition to this, initiatives taken by governments and high budget assigned to the medical sector have spurred the pharmaceutical solvent market’s growth. Along with this, extensive usage of bio solvents pertaining to the environmental concerns and regulations laid down by the government has fueled the pharmaceutical solvent market’s growth.

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However, the occurrences of fatalities in the pharmaceutical solvent manufacturing companies may act as a hurdle in the global pharmaceutical solvent market. Moreover, high production costs and stringent regulatory processes may thwart the pharmaceutical solvent market’s growth. Nevertheless, increasing research and development activities leading to the development of new pharmaceutical solvent will aid the pharmaceutical solvent market in expanding its global footprints.

Global Pharmaceutical Solvent Market: Regional Outlook

On the geographical front, Asia Pacific leads the global pharmaceutical solvent market. Factors such as availability of raw materials and the presence of several API manufacturers have contributed to the market’s growth in this region. Moreover, advancements in the healthcare industry in developing nations such as India and China has ushered the market’s growth. North America and Europe are also expected to witness a promising growth on account of a booming pharmaceutical industry.

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Companies in the Pharmaceutical Solvent market have increasingly shifted gears with wide application of digital technology across the continuum, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing to generation of final output, to warehousing to final distribution operations. Among the various affects, the market is witnessing new growth economics due to thinning of line between specialty and commodity businesses that are associated with the larger ecosystem. At the same time, new growth parameters are being vigorously being debated as industry stakeholders put greater emphasis on the circular economy processes.

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